Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Chinese Niu Year!

Feeling bored, I decided to bloghop, right clicking on every blog link I have on my sidebar and I realized everyone is blogging about their Chinese New Year!

AND I realised I did not take a lot of photos during CNY! So maybe I will just share a few photos with you all...

As usual, I went to Chinatown (You can read about last year's CNY post HERE) Honestly, I don't get the CNY 'feel' this year, I wasn't looking forward to it like any other years. I just don't know why... Maybe it's too early?

Back to the Chinatown topic, So went chinatown to walk around, look at what they have there, but you know what is the thing they have most at chinatown?

Humans. It was so freakin' crowded. Everyone was like squeezing lor!!! Everywhere you go, there will be a crowd! But I guess it's common. So no complains... So at night, Counted down to the New Year...

Then, the next day, it's time to go visiting and collect Ang pows!

My mum and I was like wearing matching Tees. This year she wore Purple contacts! How cool can my mum get?! Red is the colour of CNY, Black is my lucky colour of the year, So HUAT ar! Indeed I won a bit at Blackjack. Enough to cover my next day expenses, Haha!

Next day, Instead of going visiting (all my relatives were at my house), I decided to go out with Huixin to catch Wedding Game!

I would say it was quite a nice show, although it has a typical storyline whereby 2 celebrities get together to fake a relationship to boost their popularity to earn more $$, after being exposed, they go on separate ways but in the end still end up together. Full-stop. Typical?

But overall, it's still a nice show to catch (:

That's all for my CNY post! Checkout my Background, Wahaha! I gonna change it back soon lah! Don't complain!