Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I got my Blogger Namecards!

Yay! Finally! Finally printed out 200pcs of my Namecard! Thank you guys for the 60+ comments, it really helped a lot!

After reading the comments, I kinda realised a few things, Like the wings is supposed to come out from the back, rather than from the side. The position of the wordings etc. Thank you those who even email-ed me your whole chunk of suggestions and even self-edit it to show what you meant. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, about the back view part, it's not 'directly' mirror image. It's photoshop-ed. Which means it's another photo. I edit the shoes, the colour of the shirt, the Hands ++ Did not managed to fool u guys, haha!

So, after final editing before I finalized it and send for printing... Did I mentioned that I did not really use any of the designs?!

Honestly, I loved design #1 more than design #2, as some of you have noticed if you read my replies to the comments. So I decided to go with design #1, front. As for the back, I decided to design another one. So after playing around with photoshop, I decided to submit the design above.

So after finalizing it, Headed to Tommy print at Funan IT mall to get it printed! *Super excited as I recap* LOL!

Only $22 for 200pcs! Have to wait 4 to 5 working days for it to get printed. Printing a namecard is not that easy, there is like a few requirements, like the black must be ALL black, something like that. So lucky I brought my laptop along that day...

Finally after waiting patiently for 5 days, The namecard was ready for collection! Honestly, I was worried sick that my name card will not turn out like what I wanted. I was like complaining to Claire, "what if this... what if that..." (She was super calm, I don't know why)

When I received the namecard, I quickly opened it up and took one piece to examine it. I heaved a sign of relief (is the expression like this?), it's like a burden lifted off my mind. It was exactly how I wanted it to be!

And I am a proud blogger with namecards! *Beaming*

So who are the lucky 5 whom I have chosen to mail my namecard to? Are you feeling anxious? Excited? Thinking "Izzit me?!"

They are:
1) Hann's Mummy
2) Curryegg
3) Joyce Stella
4) Eileen Ong
5) jElly

Congrats to the 5 of you! It was really hard to choose from over 60+ comments, because everyone gave constructive comments! I will be contacting you soon via email, so do check your inbox! (I have to get stamps first!)

For those who did not get it, Here's another chance!

I don't know what to do with the extra stamps, because it comes in a set of 10. So I'll be giving out 5 more namecards to 5 lucky commentors! So all you have to do is comment, answering this question: "What do you think of my final namecard design?"

It can be good, it can be bad. So get going! Final design can be seen HERE. Everyone stand a chance!

If you are not any of the 10, you can still get the namecard from me personally. When you see me in school, or at event, or even on the streets, as long as I have an extra namecard with me, I will be most willing to give you one :)