Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mailed my Namecards!

Yes, this is the last stage of the whole namecard frenzy. Let me see, I'm left with like one-and-a-half box of namecards left due to attending events and meeting up new people.

Finally being Soooooo busy, I bought envelopes and stamps, and sat down to compile all the 10 addresses. And finally mailed them out! Here is the whole process! (and it took me half a day.)

Firstly, I need to get ready all the ingredients, I mean things that I need. Basically summarized in the picture above :) I think it would be quite boring if I just put a namecard in every envelope and just mail it, it would take me less than an hour.

So, I decided to hand-make my own little notes to thank the people who commented! *Sweet right...*

They are the lucky 10 who have been chosen out of 101 comments! So after writing the same thing for 10 times, using a highlighter to write over the words again(another 10 times).

I had to put each note and one namecard into each envelope!

And after sealing it with my saliva (Joking lah!), see the "Peel & Seal", now the envelopes is not like the ancient times one hor...

Then pasting the stamp!

And then going through each and every email to write down the address on the front of the envelope...

And finally...

The letters are ready to be mailed!!!

So I headed down to the nearest mailbox, with photo proof ok!

And begin putting each and every letter into the mailbox :)

(Note that I only put in the letter 10 times!)

And that's all!

I wanted to write more about each photo but I realised that the photos are quite explanatory, So basically I just took down the whole process, which was super fun!

Here's the thing, If you actually look at the no. of envelopes, you will realised that there is only 8 letters, another one would be to Malaysia and One of my readers did not reply to my email, (which I dunno why for what-so-ever reason)

So the first person who can comment below the answer to this question, will get the last letter. The question is "Why is my nick - ANdyStorm?" The answer is actually quite easy, it can be found somewhere...