Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Chinese New Year over doesn't mean we don't need to get NEW clothes right?

I love to blogshop just like MOST of you, but I always complain that there is too little blogshop that caters to guys. What guys can buy are like SO limited! GEO lens, Bag packs blah blah blah.

Finally, there is a blogshop that is catered ONLY FOR GUYS! Introducing, Royale treatment! This blogshop is an online fashion for guys, their apparels are specially handpicked from overseas and brought back to Singapore, and selling at Fantastic price!
Not only the price is reasonable, the quality and design is good!

The tops in the above photos are sponsored by:

There is a HUGE range of Guy's apparels ranging from Polo tees to shirt, all at reasonable prices, Girls, Valentines day is coming! Why not get one or two for your boyfriend? Items are instock.

Meanwhile, pamper yourself by heading to Room18! Room 18 has the latest fashion apparels for girls! There is definitely something you will like in the store! Do check it out!

P/s: Royale treatment is an affiliate of Room18.

My mum is so into contact lens now! She just bought 2 pairs from freshkon before CNY and it cost 36 bucks (and it only last of 1 month each), Since she is so into contact lens, I intro her GEO lens from online blogshop.

I was looking through those advertisement tagboard, trying to find the BEST deal, simply CHEAP and AUTHENTIC Geo lens. And I found this blog - Brokenrecorder

They are selling their lens at only 10 bucks per pair! YES! Only 10 Bucks, which is like the cheapest in the market.

And these lens are AUTHENTIC, I have been wearing my Grey pair for almost 6months and I still feel comfortable in them!

So forget about your conventional "Whatsoever famous" brand lens and get these GEO lens, which can last you for up to 1 year!

Do drop by to get your lens :)