Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zombie! Run!!!

I haven't been blogging for 1 whole week! I think this is the longest hiatus I ever had! This is the reason why I haven't been blogging for the past... erm... 7 days.

Yes, throughout these 7 days, I have been right infront of a computer, but I just didn't have the time to blog, because I'm on a secret mission. (P.s: I'm only telling you this! No one else!)

I've been killing Hundreds, No, Thousands, No, Millions of zombies for the past 7 days!!! So dangerous right!

For the past 7 days, You can either find me @ Cineleisure, 9th floor, or The Cathay, 4th floor - what is the similarity between these 2 levels of each shopping center? There is a E2max, the one stop e-gaming entertainment. (also known as LAN shop lah, but it's the higher end one okay!)

The mission is called "Left 4 Dead" and because of this mission, I lost my voice. If you don't know what is this game, you should update your RAM, I mean your collection of games knowledge. Don't just stick to your Super Mario or Donkey Kong.

In this game, You play on of the 4 survivors (erm, wait ar, I check Wikipedia...) , ya, one of the 4 survivors in the, erm... How should I say it... Ai ya, you all just click this link and read for yourself lah! Anyway, It's just super addictive lah!

The graphics is super nice, the zombie is super real, the thrill of killing (Shit! I'm becoming more violent!), and it's not a normal shooting game, you got to try it! then you'll know.

The zombie chiong to you like nobody business!

Best played with friends!(Multiplayer) Team work is important in this game. The zombies like the tank is super scary lah! The evil bitch, I mean Witch also!

I went with my cousins, each time losing my voice at the end of each session. We just keep shouting for help, and screaming! Super Kan-chiong! Yesterday I went with Rinn and Huixin, then we were screaming until someone shouted "SHUT UP!"!

Literally "Glued" to the screen :)