Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Back from M'sia!

ANdyStorm is back!

Haha! Did anyone of you miss me? I came back last night (20/3) lugging my luggage from Golden mile Complex to Army market then Cab back to Pasir Ris! And instead of sleeping till late, I'm half-awake blogging here! Aren't you all proud of me *Beam*

I bought like super lots of things over there! And the past 5 days had been an adventure! From being stopped by corrupted M'sia Police, to taking public train to KL just to shop at Times square!

The best thing (other than my shopping trip) is the whole 5 days is recorded in 800+ photos! Get ready to read 5 long posts on my M'sia trip! I hear some Yay-ness (:


Nah, I wasn't talking about light sticks...

Nope, Not GLOW in the dark neither...

Yup! This one!

Remember my previous entry on my trip to Watsons? The people over there sent me a cool thing to review! So watch out for my entry on 24th March to read more about it!