Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dawn Yang on Newpaper Headline!

I was surfing through my Nuffnang Stat, and there's a section called "Keywords", and I looked through today's one and realised everyone is searching online for "Dawn yang Newpaper", If you search that term on google, My blog would be the first result due to my previous post on Dawn yang.

Well, I guess this time, This is what you all are looking for?

After coming home from work, I reached out to today's newpaper and I saw Dawn yang on the cover, I was like, "Yay! Must be something Juicy again! Is it about Xiaxue and her again?" Then I flipped open the paper and I was greeted by,

Quite a no. of photoshop-ed photos.

Seems like someone went all the way to take her photos and liquify, I mean uglify her face! Disfiguring and distorting her face. To read the whole article, Do click HERE.

P.s: If you want to take my photos, u better credit hor. Or else you go search for your own newpaper and take your own photos!