Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GLOW magazine By Watsons.

After reading the teaser few days ago from my previous post, anyone got any idea what GLOW is all about? GLOW is a Mag launched by Watsons, this mag is packed with info on health tips, beauty buzz news and wellness features (and many more!)

The people are Watsons sent me one copy for their very first issue to review! So here I'm reviewing whether it's worth your $2 to get this Mag! ~ So here we go!

This Magazine is avaliable at ALL Watsons store and it's priced at only $2, and Guess what? First 30,000 readers will get a FREE Recyclable Shopping Bag worth $5! Comes in 3 different designs!

Not only that,

You stand to Win $9,000 worth of prizes! The most enticing prize would be a trip to the UK's no. 1 SPA, the Sanctuary in Convent garden (London) which is worth a whopping $6,000! There are many other things to win too (:

So what is this Magazine about?

To quickly summarise the contents of the magazine, the contents are divided into different sections: Beauty, Health, Wellness and Freebies! (Not forgetting Fashion too!) Totally worth it for just 2 bucks! Don't you think so?

Here are some articles which got me really interested in:

They have the A to Z guide to Suncare. There is really like 27 things you need to know about Suncare, and they are dead useful. There are somethings that you might not even know!

Getting the perfect pair of Jeans. Knowing your Body shape will help you get your perfect pair of Jeans! Just one tip I got from the article: The darker the wash, the slimmer you'll look!

There are so many types of toothbrush(s) out there, and ALL served the same purpose, but how to find one that will suit your teeth? This article tells you how to choose (:

One whole page on freebies! You stand a chance to win beauty products by telling what you like about GLOW! There are also vouchers to be redeemed!

So with a FREE recyclable bag worth $5 for the first issue, Great contents and prizes worth $9,000 to be won, it's definitely worth it to buy this Magazine. (Which is only like 2 bucks?!)

So what are you waiting for?

Oh ya, there will be a special promotion tied in with the launch of GLOW at Watsons Week Atrium!

The Watsons Week Atrium will be held at Tampines Mall from 23rd to 29th of March. And with every issue you buy on the stop, you get a chance to spin-the-wheel and win attractive prizes!

Not forgetting to mention that Watsons is organising a GLOW spring/summer workshop on the 25th of April. Registration fee is $25 (inclusive of a goodie bag worth $150 & light refreshment!)

Totally worth it! But here's the catch, you need to have the coupon inside the Mag in order to sign up for the workshop (:

Well, last but not least, If you would like to be updated with special treats, freebies and gifts where GLOW is purchased at various selected stores over the weekend, I would strongly recommend that you join their Facebook group! Click HERE.