Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm going to Malacca!

So excited right now, I will be going to Malacca in 14 days!

And I will be going for 5 days, 4 Nights!

Yes, I can imagine your reaction - "5days?!"
Yeah, That's everyone's reaction.

Come to think of it, 5 days is abit too long, but it's at least better than staying in hectic singapore, and I have planned what to do during the 5 days! I will be staying at this hotel:

We should be spending one day touring around Malacca (btw, I bet there will be tons of Little nyonya fans there lor) trying out the food there and explore the historical stuff, not forgetting to take a lot a lot a lot (repeat 2000 times) of photos!

Other than that, We have made plans to go on the Malaysia Eye!

Who0ts! Doesn't it look nice in the photo? It's located at Malacca! What luck! But I have heard from my colleague that the S'pore Flyer is soooooooo much better. They say the capsule on the Malaysia eye is like in a cage -.-''' I shall check it out for myself.

Another place we will be checking out would be the Afamosa resorts! In this resort there is a Water world, a Animal world and a Cowboy town! and it all looks super fun! Guess we will be spending one whole day checking out the place!

Lastly, Shopping! Which is like the most important thing when you go to another country! I will be changing Singapore Dollars - $231.0924369747 to Malaysian RM550.

~I gonna spend like a King! *Evil laugh*

But I heard there isn't much to shop at Malacca so...

We are dedicating one whole day to go to Kuala Lumpur! If i'm not wrong, we should be taking a bus from Malacca to KL in the morning, then Bus back at night! I have been there once, and the things at the Berjaya times square is freakin' cheap!!!! I gonna get my leather jacket, my hoodie vest, my.... my...
*continue naming non-stop*

I think with all these activities mentioned above, I guess my 5 days will be filled up! OMg, I'm so excited. I guess I have to bring lots of batteries, so that I can take lots of photos!


P.s: Anyone of you went to any of the place mentioned above? Kindly share your experience! Or would like to share some interesting place to go, thanks!