Saturday, March 28, 2009

In for a treat!

It has been quite long since I ever posted something personal on my blog, it's like been advertorials for the past few weeks :X

Here's my reason: I was trying to get more $$ for my M'sia trip!

And tell you what now, I'm seriously broke. Seriously. I seemed to have spent all my assets in Malaysia. Well, I just love the exchange rate. So I will be eating Maggie till my Nuffnang cheque and advertorial fees arrive...

Well, but here's the catch! Since I have no more advertorials on hand, you guys are in for a treat! Maybe after 1 or 2 posts (not including' this...), There is going to be 6 straight posts on my Trip to Malacca! No, make that Malaysia!

I am sooo looking forward to blog about it

But there is like 800+ photos, the only thing I did is to sort them according to which day they were taken :X Well, lookout for it!

~ I think I will blog again, tomorrow...

How bout this, if this mundane post hits 15 comments, the next post will be up straight away (: