Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super quick update!

I've been busy these few days because I have to work, blog (don't think I never update means I not blogging hor...) , and prepare for my malacca trip!

Even though I might be physically in malacca next next week, I still have to do some blog and stuff, so I hope I can finish up everything and leave technology (other than my phone and Ipod) behind in Singapore!

Did you read the above Watsons post? I put in a lot of effort leh, spent like 2 hours+ at Watsons...

By the way, I've been blogging over at Gadget3 blog as their resident blogger along with 3 other bloggers,namely esther, priss and shynessa. We are blogging there once a week. So if you are feeling bored, why not head over to my "other" blog over HERE and start reading (:

Do checkout the other entries too!

Oh ya, Anyone of you all using Paypal? I need someone to transfer me 30 bucks through paypal, and I will return you through POSB/UOB savings! or else I have to wait for my bank statement and god-knows-when i will receive it :(

Do email me at, thanks!

P.s: I'm so excited about my M'sia trip! I hope I will be able to blog about it!
P.s.s: I am gonna bring one BIG bag of batteries for my camera!
P.s.s.s: Yes, I know I've got a lousy camera.