Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle - I dreamed a dream.

Sorry to break the flow of the M'sia travelogue, but I really got to share this amazing video of Susan Boyle with you all. It's such an inspiration.

In this video, Susan Boyle got boo-ed by the audience just because of her dress sense, and age. Plus her sense of humor, no one thinks she can become Britain's Next top talent, but guess what?! SHE PROVED EVERYONE WRONG.

After watching the video, if you have no feeling, then there might be something wrong with you, *wink to cuter twin*

Rinn said she cried when Susan boyle started singing. I almost.

Embed-ing is disabled for the video, so everyone, you can click HERE to watched the video! 33 millions people worldwide has watched it, so must you! (I contributed about 10+ hits?) plus I secretly downloaded it into my ipod :/ Shhhh...