Monday, July 27, 2009

ANdyStorm: From baby till now.

As promised, I have managed to dig up all my old photos, including the ones without braces! I painstakingly literally "scanned" the image using my camera, and edited the photo using photoshop so there would be clearer and better contrast.

So here goes...
I have no idea why parents like to take nude photos of their baby when they are young! Oh ya, the above is me when I was a baby! I cannot even recognise myself! I have to verify with my mum whether it's me, or my other cousins :/
This is another photo that I really like! It should be taken around the same year as the Chinese New Year photo above, the face is like the same can! I look like I'm going for some class/excursion with my little bagpack and cap.

I wonder what was I thinking when looking at the camera. Why is my hand like that? Perhaps it's just candid. :D (Psst: I did not attend Nursery!)
I had bangs since young! (I didn't know that until I saw my old photos!) That's me and my sister. I got no idea why am i so tanned compared to my sister! and I look super chubby and fat. Sian. I think i got vague memory of my childhood.
Fast forward abit, here I'm at my next stage of life, Primary school! This photo was taken when I was... Primary 2! I was the 2nd shortest in class. I was really really short last time! But at least I'm not the shortest! I did not really take any photo when I was in primary school :( Camera was still the film film kind!
*Poof* After 6 years of primary school, I advanced to secondary! This is when my teeth start look weird. There was no buck teeth, except that there is this - Chinese calls it the "tiger tooth" But i always think it looks ok.Until when I was sec 5, my parents decided to sponsor me braces... So i wore it from sec 5 onwards...
With my braces, my teeth started to shift back nicely, and I looked totally different. When ex-classmates saw me, they would wonder if I'm andy and they would go on ranting on how different i look, and how straight my teeth is blah blah blah.

By the way, the above photo is taken when I was in Poly Year 1. Super short with the beckham-like hairstyle. This is considered ok, if you look at my admission photo... Ok, just look out in the video later! Let's just continue...
At poly year 2, I decided to go Bangs again! I always kept a fringe, so it was a difficult decision to make!I always wondered how I would look like with bangs, so one day, I told my mum to snip off my fringe and cut it straight. I was quite satisfied with the end result, so from that day onwards, it's Bangs all the way!
This photo was taken recently during a photoshoot at haji lane by Kaizhi.I think I have grown alot, but I think that I don't look like 19!

Till today, when I try to enter club, I still have to show my EZ link (and sometimes ez link won't even work! Refer to this POST) and I look super young in my IC too. A lot of people say I don't look like 19, even worse! 20 THIS YEAR!
This is the MOST recent photo of me! Taken a few days ago :D Regarding my bangs... One month ago, I went to cut hair at Artica (Far east), and I told the hairdresser not to touch my bangs. Meaning not to layer it because I like it thick AND she really totally did not touch it, and my Bangs was still covering my eye -.-

Now i sweep my Bangs to the side and I have people telling me they like my new hairstyle =____= So... I'm wondering, should I go back to Bangs or leave a fringe? and I don't intend to take out my braces till end of this year...

Without further ado, here's the video I created painstakingly with Windows Movie Maker. (It took me the whole day!) More photos are added in the video! Hope you enjoy it as much as my classmates enjoyed it :D

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