Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The old ANdyStorm.

Eh, I search my whole laptop for all my photo and finally filtered down to 67 photos! But then hor... How should I blog it? Paste all 67 photos meh? OR should I put it into a video... Give me ideas ley...
Around 1 or 2 weeks ago, I uploaded an old photo of myself onto twitter, and I went to check the site just now (http://twitpic.com/98qif) and I saw 500 views! Normally my twitpic only get around 160+ views, this old photo of mine has 500!

Ya, this photo. Taken at the NDP dunno at which year (:

Ya, that's me before I put on my braces, before I wore contacts, before I had bangs, before I know anything about fashion (ok, maybe I know abit at that time!)

Here are some @replies on the photo:

Seems like quite a no. of people are interested in my old photos!

So last Saturday I was really bored at home, so I went to search for all my old photos, from baby till now, and use my camera to "scan" it.

I almost wouldn't recognize myself in some of the photos!

I bet you all will laugh lor! Every blogger should do a post like that, It should be quite enjoyable for you to blog, and for your readers to read too (:

Meanwhile, Let me go prepare the post...