Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog = Online diary?

This is just my ranting post. But at least there is something for you all to read right!

People have been coming to me telling me that my blog is interesting, every post is like well planned, BUT there are also people that ask me how come I don't blog about my personal life on my blog.

Come to think of it, after reading my previous few posts, it led me to twitter:
Would you rather I blog about my own life?

I think i have a rather mundane life. Honestly, without my blog, I'm just a normal average Andy. A normal poly student, the only online social tools might only be facebook. BUT with my blog, I'm ANdyStorm, it's a whole new thing.

Here is one of the replies I get for my tweet:
Sometimes, what the above mentioned is quite true. Just look at those famous bloggers, (I'm not mentioning names here) With their blog traffic, they get to advertise for products or what we call advertorials and it takes up most of the blog, and therefore, "No space to blog abt personal" which is quite true.

But then, there is an argument:
Ok, I shall just end this post here. I dunno how to continue. BUT i have already decided on something. I shall blog about my life soon!

I bet it's gonna make you all ROLL EYES, maybe some of you would protest and even ask me to stop blogging about my life! The thought of it is damn funny!

I shall end the post with these wise words from ANdyStorm:

" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam malesuada est eu mi vulputate ullamcorper. Etiam nec est quam, in hendrerit nulla. Duis elementum orci nulla, a gravida justo. Morbi tristique cursus erat, eget tempus nisl volutpat a "


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