Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How much is your monthly handphone bill?

Before I start writing, just wanna ask you all this question.
How much is your monthly handphone bill?
Here is mine:

Some of you might go like “ O.O WHAT?! 172 bucks?!

Sadly to say Yes, and sms contributes the most of my bill!

BUT THEN, I signed up for the Singtel Mobile Youth Plan! Singtel has created benefits specially for the needs of Students and NSFs, exclusive benefits such as…

Now I can safely say that…

Now that I have unlimited sms, I can sms all I want! Even secretly sms in class when attending boring lectures! Sms is like the most important function that everyone need! Psst: I sent like 3000+ sms for this month already!

On top of the bundled talk time minutes, tertiary students studying at NTU, NUS, SMU, SIM, any polytechnic, ITE or Junior College will also enjoy free calls from their schools with FREE Campus Calls to anyone.
Rinn: “Andy, you like that call me hor and chat, your bill won’t increase meh? I got free incoming call, so I nevermind, but you leh? ”

Me: “I’m calling from my school, and with FREE Campus call, I can chat with you for FREE! So don't worry, You got Free incoming, I got FREE campus call!”

Rinn: “Wah, I also want!”
Now I can call up and chat with my friend anytime without thinking too much about my bill! I will most likely be serving NS next year, and I’m glad I will enjoy the exclusive FREE Camp Calls from selected camps! Yippee!

Not only that, for new Singtel Mobile Youth Plans subscribers, they will get to enjoy a vast range of value-added services that bundled with the plans such as:

The total worth value of the above value-added services is about $195.
For more information about Singtel Mobile Youth Plans, visit:
Now here’s a chance to win fabulous prizes for you and your friend when you recommend your friend to sign up for a new Singtel Mobile Youth Plan!

The prizes come in quantity of two!

What’s more, if you recommend more friends to sign up for Singtel Mobile Youth Plans, you will get more chances to win that dream prizes! Wah, Macbook leh!!!!

Psst, if the friend you referred has successfully signed up for Youth Plan, you will get to pocket $20 shopping voucher and your friend will get $50 off on any 3G/3.5G handset. So the more friends you recommend, the more vouchers you can get!!

Promotion Period: 1Aug to 30Aug.
For more information, Check out:

What’s more, you can live life online with Singtel Broadband on Mobile Youth Plan!

Every time I want to check my email or twitter, I have to look for somewhere with WIFI and there are times when I totally cannot find place with WIFI, BUT with this plan, I can stay connected anywhere!
For more information, check out:

With so many benefits for students and NSFs, it’s a bit too hard to resist right? I can now say Bye bye to my 100+ bucks bill! Hello, $25.68 :D