Monday, August 24, 2009


Actually I'm supposed to be super motivated to blog, but then hor... Looking at the number of photos i need to edit is making me damn sian... I already edit 1/4 of it le, I could do with some motivation from you people! * hint hint *
I'm like super motivated to blog now can! After I publish this post i will be editing photos for my upcoming post! People always complain that my blog is not longer personal, it's all about events, advertorials and random things, and not so much of my life. ACTUALLY i feel that way too! It prompt me to come up with my next post:
It will just be all about Andy, I'm bringing you all one step closer to my life. This is what happen on that typical day, I had to snap EVERY single thing that happened that day, be it what food i eat, where did i go throughout the whole 24 hours!

I even get curious/ weird stares from others. I bet people are thinking, why is he taking photo of his food? Why is he taking photos of the bus stop? What is he trying doing?   It's not easy ok! But I was detemined to do it! *aura around me*

Are you all like excited about it? I took more than 100 photos, but i will be filtering out and editing and try to present it in a fun way! I'm like super motivated now can!
Oh ya, you heard of the Nuffnang Asia pacific blog awards? It's gonna be such a GLAM blogger event! If you want to know more the awards, you can read it HERE. If you like my blog, Do nominate me for the awards at THIS LINK! (clickable!)

Alright, i'm off to do my "typical day with ANdy" post, there is like so much photos that i might just  spilt them into a few post and update for 4 days straight! Happy anot? Get to read 4 days of updates leh! I want to read others also don't have :(