Friday, August 28, 2009

Typical day of Andy, not ANdyStorm (Part 1)

I haven't been posting anything personal on my blog, which kinda defeats the purpose of why I started this blog in the first place. So i twitter-ed:
And I got one reply from a follower which got me thinking...
Make me sound as if i got split personality liddat! But it also prompt me to come up with this post! It's so much more personal now! Refer to this POST. (clickable!)

Let me present...  *Drum Roll*
(Btw, this day has too many photos so it'll be split into 3 posts!)
9:30am: The day starts when i officially wake up! Normally I will wake up at noon when there is no school on that day, BUT THEN, that Wednesday was the day before the Chinese lunar 7th month and my mum say that 7th month cannot cut hair, so no choice but to wake up early and cut hair before heading to school!
I was already late when I woke up! So I have to chiong out of my house!
9.45am: It took me a merely 15mins to prepare myself! *flick hair* It includes the washing up, changing AND setting up of self timer camera to capture all the shots!
10.20am: ANdyStorm goes to Far east to cut hair, Andy goes to HDB salon! There is no time to head to Orchard to get my hair cut, so i decided to go over to the block opposite my house to get a cheap $6 haircut! Not bad ok! Save $$! :D
10.50am: Cut hair like never cut like that. Nevermind. Headed home to wash my hair. Since my exams is in the afternoon, decided to go online to update myself!
11.45am: Time to head to school! Going to movies after my exam, so must at least wear nice nice :D Choose clothes, Wear contact lens, style hair blah blah blah...
12.18pm: It took me just 30 mins to prepare! That's half of my usual timing :D Going Woodlands from Pasir Ris is like super far. But after 2 years +, I'm kinda used to it le... As least for that day it's not so crowded and there were still seats (:
1.10pm: Yes, you realised it took one whole hour to get to woodlands? I still have to switch to Bus 169 to get to school! (I'm lazy to walk that long stretch of road plus I have concession pass!) Everyone's heading to school for exams! *Scared*
1.30pm: Was super hungry so I grabbed a bite before heading to class! W36E!
2.00pm: Examination in Progress. That day was Human Resource System exam!

What happened after the exams?
Stay tuned.