Sunday, August 30, 2009

Typical day of Andy, not ANdyStorm (Part 2)

Continued from after exams...
Met SimplyShawn after his exams! Supposed to head to Bugis but he wanted to go home to put down his bag first, and that day was the first time I hopped onto a motorbike! Was super scared but excited at the same time! Weeee! *Vrooom*
Sneak peek of his Chio bike! It was super fun riding a bike! The feeling of having the wind blow across your face is damn shuang! (The helmet didn't ruin my hair!)
4.40pm: Time to head down to Bugis! Walked to Marsiling Mrt to take the train all the way to Bugis, super crowded. Hate crowded trains man! No seats somemore!
6.30pm: Bought tickets to watch Jack Neo's latest movie: Where got ghost? Bought tickets for 7.15pm! Dinner first! *Hungry* What shall we have for dinner..
6.45pm: After deciding between KFC and some other food outlets, finally settled on Pastamania! Ordered Chicken Bolognaise. Their pasta? Average and expensive.
9.00pm: Finish watching the movie. Thought it was a horror flick, but turns out to be quite a comedy! (Ps: I hate horror flicks!) Contact lens was giving me problems, so i switched to Specs while watching the movie halfway!
With my new HTC magic, I'm able to access my twitter through the twitroid application! (Of cos there must be WIFI) The typical day of ANdy is almost over!
11.00pm: Kinda late le, time to head home, but group photos first! Btw, we walked from all the way from Bugis to City hall to spend more time together! Our Clique!

Is the typical day over? Or is there more?
Stay tuned.