Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What you can do with Soft toys when you are bored.

I was like going through my photo folders on my laptop and I found this really really old folder titled "Cats", I was wondering what it is, so I opened it up and realised it's all photos of the 3 Cat soft toys that I caught at the arcade one year ago! Being super bored at that time, I "created" scenario of the cats doing different things!

I bet less than half of you all know what I'm talking about. Oh wells.Nevermind, you shall now understand after reading this post!

So one fine day... No. Not fine. One stormy night... I was awoken by this irritating scratching sound coming from my main door, Feeling super irritated, I decided to drag myself out of bed to find the source of the sound...

I opened the door, and I found 3 cats outside. (Ok, this is super lame! I cannot take it anymore!!! I wonder how did I come up with this idea in the first place! Nevermind, continue!) Oh yes, I found 3 cats outside and then...

Being Super kind as usual (wahaha!), and since it's a stormy night and they have got no where to go, i decided to let them into the house... BUT FIRST!

They are too dirty! (As you know, stray cats...) I decided to give them a bath, and the fastest way would be to pop them into the washing machine! *Evil grin*

After 15 mins, they are clean! But then they were dripping wet, so I have to dry them... Drying them this way is not animal abuse lor! (Must i remind you they are soft toys?!) I won't do this to a REAL cat can -.- Ok, Let's continue with the story.

Soon they were hungry, and obviously I have no cat food at home, I offered them Koko crunch :D (Suddenly I feel stupid typing this story.) Oh wells.

They may look pitiful and cute but you haven't see the other side of them. *Plays evil music* Once they replenish their energy... hiak hiak hiak...

They start rampaging through the kitchen!

Bullying my Stitches!

Taking my ipod! (btw, that's my Sis's china ipod :/ )

See what I meant! Crazy cats. (Ok, I think I'm the one going crazy, coming up with such a lame story, but you all are enjoying it right!) I can't stand it anymore!

Seeing that I'm real ANGRY, they finally stopped what they are doing.

And i threw them out of the house the next day :D (I meant my sister's room!)

The end! Wah, I don't know how I managed to type out the whole story without spasm-ing and foaming from my mouth. I'm seriously Highly imaginative hor?