Thursday, September 3, 2009

Typical day of Andy, not ANdyStorm (Part 3)

Nope, the day is not over yet!
I still have to get back home, and I have to take Mrt all the way from Bugis to Pasir Ris! (But compared to the rest who lives in the west, it's considered quite near :/ ) After reaching Pasir ris, i still have to switch to take a bus home... *Yawns*
Nothing to do on the bus then emo lor... Haha, Super late by the time i reach home!
12 midnight: Finally reached home! Super tired! Settled down,  and time to bathe!
12.15am: Time to take a shower! 2nd time bathing for the day! Not easy to take the bathing shot ok! Must set self timer then on the water, the mirror got reflection somemore! (Mosiac away-ed!), Was feeling quite hungry so grabbed some biscuit!
1.30am: Instead of going sleep, I went online! Update myself with the "online world" Typical blogger. Check blog stats, chat on msn, Watch youtube, approve comments, Check facebook, Update twitter and the list goes on and on...
3.00am: Went offline, wash up, Brush-ed teeth and it's time to sleep! *Yawns*
Opps! Lights off! Too dark to take any photos! The typical day ends like this!


Yay! After one whole day of taking photos and getting curious stares from passer by(s). Infinity hours of photo editing, and one whole night of blogging. "A typical day with ANdy, not ANdyStorm" is completed!!! I'm so proud of myself! *beams*

Really had a lot of fun writing this so called "personal" post! (minus all the long hours of editing!) But in the end, I think it's kinda worth it :D Next time when i feel bored, I can read my archives and read how i spent that particular day! Weeee~

Do comment at the end of this post if you appreciate my effort and Thanks to those who have been commenting on the previous two posts!  

Signing off, 
ANdy. Not ANdyStorm.