Monday, October 12, 2009

ANdyStorm's Guide to Life Ep1: Introducing yourself and Nuffnang!

I dunno what made me do this, but here's "ANdyStorm's Guide to Life" Episode 1:

I was intending to do a Video introducing myself, and what I think about Nuffnang for the upcoming Nuffnang Awards Milestone video. But then, If I were to be just sitting infront of the camera talking non-stop for 2 mins, It would be quite stupid.

So i decided to do it the "Xiaxue's Guide to life" style, and using snippets of her "Girls out Loud" intro as an example on how to introduce yourself!

Love it, Hate it, Whatever. Just enjoy it! Episode 2 coming up shortly (:

Sorry to Jayleif and Nadnut for not crediting the source.
The audio is from