Monday, October 12, 2009

ANdyStorm's Guide to Life Ep2: Uniquely Singapore!

Second Episode of "ANdyStorm's Guide to life" is about Singapore, Singapore and Singapore! Actually I never thought of doing another episode because of my "Camera-fright" but then I though it would be fun to do it (:

Before I actually post the video, Let's talk about what this Episode is about...

Firstly, What I about Singapore! Although most of the time I mean, sometimes I complain about Singapore, there is actually a lot of things to do in this little red dot.

All you need is the time to explore our country (and of course some extra spare cash to pay for admission fees!)

If I'm from another country, I would think Singapore is the best holiday destination because there is so many places to explore, so many food to try, and so many place to shop! Hear what others have to say about our country in this episode!

I will also plan a perfect 1-day itinerary (day and night) for a foreign friend! Why don't I just list the plan here (: (P.s: Images taken online)

Morning about 7am: (If we managed to wake up early...)

We will visit Chinatown! There is this HUGE temple, it's known as The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple! It opens at 7am, so I can bring my foreign friends there early in the morning to checkout how serene and peaceful the place is...

In the afternoon...

I was deciding whether to choose the Zoo or the Bird park, but then, I thought the Night Safari would be a better choice, So Jurong Bird park in the afternoon, Night Safari at night! Our bird park is currently the world's largest bird park in terms of number of birds! There are over 8,000 birds of 600 species in the park!

Then, we shall go Shopping!

Bugis Street is billed as "the largest street-shopping location in Singapore". It has the cheapest yet most fashionable items in there! Lots of good bargains there!

However, If you are looking for Branded items, I would highly recommend Orchard Road! All the high end labels like LV, Gucci or Channel are all there! $$$$

We shall have dinner at the famous Lao Pa Sat! It's now the favourite food centre of the locals, offering a wide and affordable variety of local food! Yummy!

After dinner, we can go Clubbing at Clarke Quay! The five blocks of restored warehouses house various restaurants and nightclubs. We can party all night!

The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo! It is an entire open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night! How cool is that?

If not, we can simply end the night on the Singapore flyer! It's is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world! It offers broad views of the city centre and beyond to about 45 km, including the Indonesian islands of Batam and Johor, Malaysia.

It should be quite an eventful day right? Honestly one day is not enough! There is still other places like Sentosa and many more!

Alright, Here's episode 2:

Love it, Hate it, Whatever. Just enjoy it! Not sure if there's ep3.