Friday, October 23, 2009

Ice cream buffet at Orchard Ion!

Yes, it's another Food post! I'm such a "Food blogger"! Muahaha

Remember I did a post on ice cream buffet before? Nah, I think you all forget already. Nevermind, Click HERE to read it (: This time I'm introducing another ice cream buffet in Singapore, and it's much better,more exciting and worth the $$!

If you know me well enough, I'm a BIG HUGE fan of Junk food (P/s: It's stated in my 10 things you don't know about me!) Everytime i go places like Seoul Garden, the part that i look forward to would be the dessert! I ♥ Ice cream, cakes & many more!

Here are the main characters of the day! From the left: Manda, Me, Hui xin (tipping toe trying to look tall), Rinn and Yihan (: We were thinking of a place to celebrate Manda's birthday and why not we try the new Swensons ice cream buffet?

Here's the price for the Dessert buffet! Considered quite reasonable for unlimited servings of cakes, waffles, ice creams and many more for just 1 price!

It would be cheaper if we order some food. Since we haven't had our lunch, plus it would be quite bad for the stomach if we were to have dessert before having proper food, we ordered some main courses (: *Drools*

P/s: I almost died photoshopping the food to make it look nicer!

Moving on to the Dessert buffet part! The Menu is so colourful and nice, like for kids or the young at heart! They have over 50 fantastic flavours of ice cream, Over 40 toppings, sauces, Waffles, Pancakes, Wonderful dessert treats and many more!

First stop: Cakes! (Yes.. my wonderful camera sucks, anyone wanna get me a LX3?) There is like 8 different kinds of cakes to try! There is like Oreo cheesecake, carrot cake(?!), Chocolate cake and many more to choose from! (: I the tiramisu!

Notice the Chocolate fondue at the side? It's part of the buffet! We get to poke Strawberries, Marshmallows or Cream puffs into this long stick and...

Dip it into the Chocolate Fountain!

Rinn's artistic creation. Trying to act like those dessert at those Atas restaurant.

Next up! Waffles and Pancakes! They are made on the spot! I actually intend to eat it together with my ice cream but i keep eating while queuing up for the ice cream =/ End up i finished everything before i even got the ice cream! But it's unlimited! (:

Last stop: Ice cream! There is really A LOT of flavours to choose from! We were super spoilt for choice and fickle minded. We get to choose a maximum of 4 scoops for each time we queue up to minimize food wastage! After getting the ice cream...

Btw, I chose Strawberry and lime sherbet, Sticky chewy chocolate & Milo! (:

Time to decorate the ice cream with Whipped cream, toppings and many more!

Are you ready to see the end result of our ice cream?

Hui Xin's Fruity sherbet ice cream! Lots of Logan, peach and honey stars(?!)

Manda & Rinn's ice cream! A mixture of everything including Polky sticks(?!)

Clear winner! My creation that looks that best! I can work as a Sundae designer le! *Flicks hair* Don't you think it's really nice? with Cherries, malt balls, waffles!

Not forgetting to camwhore with our food!

Oh ya, Food blogger always like to end their post with a rating review on the food/ the place they go, I shall do the same too! Since i'm andystorm, I shall use lightning bolts as my ratings! Swensons dessert buffet gets...

4 out of 5 lightning bolts!