Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012: Where will you be?

I was watching movie trailers on Youtube, and i came across the movie, 2012. I was so amazed by the trailer that i quickly sms Don to ask if he wants to watch the movie. The next thing i know, I was on the way to Cineleisure! (:

Although I reached Cineleisure at 6pm, the earliest time slot i could get for 2012 was 11.45pm! The tickets were all sold out from 6 to 11.45pm! (The 11.45 slot tickets was selling fast too!) Not wanting to wait till so late to catch the movie, the alternative would be to watch it somewhere else. BUT THEN...

The tickets are the nearest cinema which is GV plaza sing and The Grand Cathay (didn't bother to check Shaw) were all sold out till late! So the 5 of us (Me, Don, Kaizhi, YingZi and Joyce) split ways to checkout illuma and Suntec Eng Wah!

Thank God there were tickets at Suntec! Bought tickets for 9.25pm (:

2012 is a science fiction disaster film based loosely on the 2012 phenomenon. I won't bother to say much about the 2012 story la. Basically it's about the world ending in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012 lor...

The world better NOT end in 2012 b'cos that's the year i'll ORD from NS, and i wouldn't want to die spending the last 2 yrs of my life serving the country!

Seriously FML! -__- Ok, don't think too much andy. It won't happen.

Back to the show.

I was literally glued to the screen for that 2 and a half hours! The plot is interesting, the visual effects were damn real, it's really as if it will happen!

*touch wood*

Here are some disaster scenes from the movie! (Spoiler! Muahaha)

Major 10.5 earthquake in Los Angeles! Damn frightening!

The aftermath of the earthquake. Los Angeles collapses into the Pacific Ocean.

Volcano eruptions Yellowstone Caldera!

Vegas in Ruins. No more casinos for gamblers :(

Gigantic tsunami that sweeps everything else. Know how to swim also no use.

Ok, no more. That's more than enough to destroy the whole world. Oh ya, i keep talking about the disasters then forget the humans. Ok, forget it, I'm too lazy to talk about the humans. You should just go watch the movie la.

There are quite a few touching scenes, some of my friends teared. (I did not!) There were comical scenes too, esp the middle finger part, Lol. Damn funny!

Overall, it's a damn good movie. The movie gets...

5 out of 5 popcorn! Definitely worth the $ (Even if the ticket cost $9.50!)

P/s: I heard the tickets are still sold out until today! If you haven't watch, what are you waiting for? and those who slept during the movie, what's wrong with you?!

P/s/s: If you're thinking of downloading or watching the show from some website, I strongly advise you to catch it in cinemas! (Psst, can send me the movie?)

P/s/s/s: Have you ever wondered if this 2012 thing is true? Where will you be?