Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Filming with!

If you have been following me on me on twitter, you should know that tomorrow i'll be filming an episode of Chick Vs Dick with Kaykay and Paul twohill! It's all part of the whole LG program thing and i'm quite excited about it!

Since we are supposed to blog something related to the phone, I've decided to blog about tomorrow! Here are the task that i have set for myself:

Not sure if i'm able to complete all these task (What if Kaykay doesn't want to take a photo with me!) Lol. If everything go according to plan, I will blog about it!
So do keep a lookout for my post! Follow me on Twitter (if you haven't!) at as i'll be tweeting quite a lot tomorrow!
Also follow Kaykay OR Paul and ClickNetwork! (Click on their names for link) Assist them in tomorrow's treasure hunt and stand to win a brand new LG GW620 phone!