Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ring Ring Ring! Are you awake?

Ok, I know the title is damn random but hey, It's related to what I'm blogging today! My life is oh so damn boring recently, nothing interesting is happen thus the lack of updates. Soon no one will read my blog. Boo!

But then something interesting is gonna happen, and i might get to go to Korea as a blogger in Jan next year! *Prays* So keep a lookout on my updates (:

Alright, back to today's topic!

I think when you guys read the title, you must thinking i'm going to advert for another phone right? You are SO wrong. (This is not an advertorial btw!)

Oh god. I'm so tired nowadays. I'm reaching home at 1am on average everyday and sleeping at like 3am, and waking up at 8am for school. 5 hours of sleep is so not enough! It's no wonder why my skin is turning from bad to worse! :((((

Getting up each day is also a problem. I have to snooze my alarm clock for a few times before i realised it's late and i have to chiong out of the house! Out of pure boredom, i googled "alarm clocks that annoys you to wake up" (:

To my surprise there are ALOT of weird alarm clocks that never fails to annoy someone to wake up! Here are my top 5 choices, in no particular order (:

#1: Sfera Alarm Clock

The alarm clock is supposed to be hanging from the ceiling on top of you. When the alarm goes off, you have to touch it to snooze it. Once you touch it, it will retract to the ceiling by abit, and the same thing goes on and on and soon, you have to wake up to reach it to off the alarm (: Irritating factor: ★★★

#2: Puzzle Alarm Clock

This alarm clock may look harmless but it's lethal. Muahaha! When the alarm rings, the 3 blocks onto will be fired into the air and you have to find the pieces in order to stop the alarm. Damn evil. What if cannot find! Irritating factor: ★★★★★

#3: Laser target Alarm Clock

I think this is actually quite fun. In order to stop the alarm, you have to aim the laser beam at the exact center of the target (which would be quite difficult when you wake up!) By the time you manage to aim properly at the target to stop the alarm, i think you will be quite awake (: Irritating factor: ★★★★

#4: Flying alarm clock.

This one has the same concept as the Puzzle alarm clock, but i guess this will be more difficult to find! Once the alarm ring, the top will shoot up and because of it's design, it should be able to "float" somewhere far enough for you not to find. Good luck. Just pray that it won't float out of the window (: Irritating factor: ★★★★

#5: Clocky

It look rather harmless but once the alarm rings, this clock will roll off the stand, fall onto the floor, and look for somewhere to hide from you. Obviously you won't be able to find this clever little thing at the same spot everyday, so why not wake yourself with a little game of "Hide & Seek" (: Irritating factor: ★★★★

Alright, that's my top 5 list of "Most annoying alarm clock!" Obviously they are not cheap as they are quite smart, and you can't really find them at normal shops.

So, if all else fails, you can try getting a Hello Kitty alarm clock for less than 10 bucks at any Pasar malam (: Maybe you can get a few for effective-ness. Hmm...

Irritating factor: ★★

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