Thursday, December 17, 2009

Testing out the DHC Men products!

Remember I did a blog post few weeks about DHC products hitting the shelves in all Watsons store in Singapore? No? Never mind, recap your memory by reading it again HERE! (Clickable!) If you go to any Watsons store now, you should be able to checkout their products (:

The kind people at Watsons decided to send me their whole range of DHC Men products for me to try! We were just confirming on the phone in the morning about my address and which day i would be at home to receive the product, and in the evening when i return home from school, the package was already in my room!

So happy to see the Watsons package when I returned home from school! Seem like they use some kinda Speedpost to carrier the package to me within a few hours!Immediately, I rampaged through the package and took everything out =/

Presenting the whole range of DHC Men products! That's quite alot of products right? 7 items! Most of them are for the face, except for the Body fragrance (:

That’s me testing out their Scrub face wash! Personally for me, I would prefer using facial scrub wash that have “bits” in it because it makes me feel that it’s working, literally scrubbing the dirt off my face. Does it make you feel the same too?

This Scrub face wash refreshes greasy skin at once, helps to remove dark spots of pores and acts against clogged pores thus preventing acne. It also contains Konjac scrub and volcanic ash and it provides a cooling sensation that lasts.

The other face wash would be the Foaming face wash. I would say it’s quite interesting as most face wash comes in a gel form but this comes in foam. The benefits of this foam is that they wraps up the dirt, excessive sebum and the old skin cell, which would be washed away instantly. It also has the cooling effect (:

Another 2 products would be for the aftermath of the wash. There is the Medicated Acne Gel and the Face gel! The Medicated acne gel helps to fight against acne with its sterilizing and anti-inflammatory effects, and the Face gel contains micro beads which pop upon contact with skin to effectively moisturize the skin.

Talking about “popping upon contact of the skin”, they have this Sparking Face lotion which is my favourite among all the products! It’s an aerosol type lotion that comes out as a mousse, and it literally pops with it touches your skin!

It’s so amazing that words can’t describe how it works. Here’s just a short simple video of me using the sparking lotion!

Yes, I know. It doesn’t show much about the “popping”, so I guess you have to try it out yourself? (I look like i'm doing a make up tutorial! Urgh.)

This is one product that I always carry around with me! The Men body fragrance! It has a elegant and gentle scent of soft woods which is perfect for work or play.

Lastly would be the Facial wash sheet which I carry around also. It’s like a wet tissue but it has a lot more benefits than those common wet tissue. This takes off sweat, dirt and excessive sebum all in one wipe. It also contains menthol for cooling sensation and tightening of pores, 100% cotton, suitable for all skin!

Alright, having said so much, my overall review is that, I’m quite pleased with the whole range of DHC Men products. I would say it’s suitable for someone as lazy as me because it’s quite interesting! (It’s from Japan hello?), the one of a kind sparkling lotion, foam wash etc.Do try out their products if you have the chance (: