Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trip to Sakae sushi!

Sakae Sushi has started started their Blogger's campaign a few months ago, and I'm the few lucky ones that have been chosen to be their Sakae e-Journalists!

I've always been a fan of Japanese food, and of course i would jump at the chance of being able to enjoy Jap food and doing what I love most, which is blogging at the same time! So, in the month of November, My Sakae Sushi card arrived! (:

The name on the card is ANdyStorm! I'm so proud of the card that I keep taking it out from my wallet and show it off to my friends! *flicks hair* Muahaha

When I told my parents about this Sakae Card thing, the first thing they said was, "Wah, bring us go eat!" -__- So the next thing i know, I'm spending the credits in the card with my family, and i told them, "Not every month i will bring you all come eat hor!" So finally we went to Sakae Sushi Whitesands for dinner (:

Being the most "experience" in Jap food in the family, I was in charge of ordering the food! I simply assumed that everyone will like what I like so I ordered my favourite items through the interactive menu, which was so much convenient (:

Complimentary Green tea for Sakae members (Not mine! I don't drink tea.)

The above are just some of the many food items that we ordered! We ordered like 3 HUGE bowls of Ramen (Their bowls are really huge!), Side dishes such as the Fried Hotate, Tori karaage and took about 10 plates of sushi from the belt! *Slurp*

Alright, that's all! Can't wait for the next time I get to eat in again (: xoxoxo