Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who's my ideal princess?

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Ok, I know this is a random topic, but just bear with it k? Thanks to Nuffnang, I went for the Princess and the Frog preview screening and I was thinking, "The princess kisses the frog, what happens next?" So they live happily ever after?

Every guy in this world hopes to find his princess, and the princess must be pretty, demure, gentle, lovely voice etc. Some good examples are these Disney princesses!

But come to think of it, aren't these Disney princesses too perfect? Shouldn't they have another side? In real life, girls are like cheeky, fun-loving, bitchy etc.

It's not that hard to imagine their "other side" ok! Just look at the image below!

Totally spoil image. But who cares? I like (:

After watching the show, i find Prince Naveen's character quite similar to mine! (Other than the rich part) He is like a fun loving, cheerful person, just like me!

I would want my princess to be like Tiana. She holds several job a day so that she can earn enough money to fulfill her dad's dream and she rather work hard to earn the money, then count on something unrealistic, e.g Wishing upon a star -__-

I want my princess to be pretty, hard working, fun-loving, understanding, cheerful, filial (and the list goes on and on), so if you think you have what it takes to be my princess, email your resume to im.andystorm@gmail.com now! (I'M JOKING!)

Princess and The Frog opens in cinema now!
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