Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where were you during Christmas eve? ♥

How did you spend your christmas this year? Just like every other year, christmas has always been happening for me!!! December is also the month where i spent the most money on presents for gift exchange. Gift exchange is like one of the fun-est activity during christmas because you never know what you might get back! (P.s: I hate getting chocolates!) So how did you spend your christmas eve?

Shall start this post with 2 photos of me and my act chio furry Santa Claus hat! (Daiso $2!)

Last minute decision to meet up for countdown with Jing Long, Joyce and Ying zi

I was playing with the different effects of my EX1 during dinner (Can't believe i'm still not used to it yet. Zzz) and i decided to play with the Fish Eye effect! Took a photo of everyone, including myself!


Super crowded in town. Every year i tell myself, "I will not go to town during festive period, i will not go to town during festive period" In the end still go and squeeze with the crowd. FML ttm.

It's like a must for everyone to take a photo with the christmas tree infront of Orchard ion, LOL

Everyone smile! Group photo made easy with the Samsung EX1 Swivel screen! :D

Went to slack around, determined to stay till countdown (since there's time extension for MRT) and 30 mins before christmas, people are already starting to play with aerosol foams!!! Ciao ahhhhhhhhh!

Spotted a group of females attacking a unexpected passerby! THE MAN DAMN SUAY TTM!

Everyone attacking each other randomly! Clever us decided to go up heeren to get an bird's eye view of the cineleisure area where everyone is crowding waiting for countdown! No one can spray us there!

Joyce left early so left the 3 of us! Can you spot the crowd at the back? No? Nevermind.


Took a short 25 seconds clip of the MASS AEROSOL FOAM SPRAY! MUST WATCH!

CRAZY RIGHT! Read from the news that everyone just throw their empty can around -__-

Last but not least, a group photo to end this post! So how did you spend your xmas eve? (:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner with BFFs! ❤

As mentioned in my earlier post, BFFs decided to meet up for a early Christmas dinner and gift exchange so here i am blogging about it! After deciding where to have our Xmas dinner, we finally decided to have Astons at The Cathay, as usual the queue is freakin' long -__- As usual, i forgot to send my BFFs these photos taken that night, Opps. If you are reading this, just take from here can?

Double up Charbroiled and BBQ chicken with Baked potato and rice for me!

3 of us happy (and excited for the gift exchange) posing with our food! Wanted to do the gift exchange there after dinner but then looking at the queue outside Astons, must likely they will chase us out (if they dare!) so we thought it would be better to find another place... and it shall be BEN'S & JERRY!

Taken using my new Samsung Ex1! Doesn't this photo make you feel like getting one too!

With the swivel screen, it's so much more easier to take group shots!!!
(Ok, this is not the time to promote my camera -__- )

Pretending to be really interested in the Sundae! But it's really nice lah, B&J leh! (:

Checkout our instax camera! From the left: Piano black mini 50s, Instax mini 7s and Instax 210!

The most anticipated moment of the day, LOL

Me and Nurul excited to see what Yah see got for us!

I can't help laughing every time i see this photo!!!

She got us this aroma diffuser (which is damn powerful-ly strong!) and bath set :D

BFFs exploring the sincere present i made for them! MUAHAHA

See their happy faces! Makes me feel all the effort that i put in was worth it

Nurul got Yah see a GAP, i repeat GAP bag and got me a Mont Blanc perfume! Over budget!
(No wonder she was so excited to make us open her present, LOL)

Took like a Gazillion instaxs! (at least 18 pieces!) That's all!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from @ANdyStorm! ❤

Scheduled this post on the actual day but for dunno god knows what reason, this post was not published! (Heard i'm not the only one who kena this problem!) Nevertheless, just show you guys for one day, then i shall move this post back to 25th December! Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making of BFFs Xmas presents! ♥

By the time you read this post, we are left with only a few days to Christmas! How are you spending Christmas this year!!! I will be booking out most likely on 24th (Friday night!) and on 25th, i will most likely be celebrating Xmas indoors at Studio M hotel with a bunch of great friends! Looking forward! :D

My BFFs decided to meet up for a early Xmas dinner (which i will blog about it soon!) and the main highlight of the dinner would be the GIFT EXCHANGE! Honestly, it's really difficult to get Xmas present for 2 girls! I spent a whole afternoon searching, can't decide between a few items so i decided to get everything, then go to Daiso to get a box and put everything in, the end product is damn sincere can!

The items that i bought! The transparent box and styrofoam balls from Daiso!

ALMOST DIED wrapping the inner of the box with wrapping paper. Spent like an hour?!

First up! Fill the base with the little styrofoam balls! (act one snow, MUAHAHA)

Nurul likes Eeyore, so i got Winnie the pooh for Yah see so that both box will be somewhat similar.

After putting in the soft toy, body shop items and snow globe, i added in things like candy cane and mini snicker bars and top it off with more "snow balls" to make it more christmas-ty!

BFF Yah see's!

BFF Nurul's!

Forgot to get a christmas card so i last minute-ly designed one and printed it out using my photo printer! TA-DAH! So cute right!!! Gosh, i'm so sweet that i amazed myself. MUAHAHA

Monday, December 20, 2010

Checkout my new toy: Samsung EX1

The Samsung Ex1 debuted a few months ago and my first thought when i saw it was, "O.O It look so much like the Lx3!" I wanted to get it but then i just bought my Sony like few weeks or one month before the EX1 debuted. But now, I CAN HAS THE SAMSUNG EX1 like finally! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAA


World's brightest F1.8 24mm Lens with super clear 3.0" AMOLED SCREEN!

This is when the headache comes in. Lots and lots of functions that i can't figure out. YET

Scroll dial instead of the conventional next next next button FTW!

Horseshoe for external flash or viewfinder (which is sadly not available in Singapore)




Never been so accurate in camwhoring before. It's like the ultimate cam for bloggers!

One last photo of my Samsung EX1 to show you guys

What cameras are you guys using? Share leh (:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 2nd ChurpChurp Cheque is here!!!!

Remember i blogged about getting my very first Churp Churp cheque recently in September?

I opened my letter box yesterday and guess what? I GOT MY 2ND CHEQUE!!!!

$34.19 to the next cash out! :D

Do checkout to see how you can earn from twitter too!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tron: Legacy Movie gala premiere!

Thanks to Nuffnang, i was able to get tickets for the Gala premiere of Tron: Legacy held on the 13th of Dec at The Cathay! For the past few weeks, cinemas have been playing their trailer again and again before movies, so i always wonder what this movie TRON is all about. Finally i get to watch it, before anyone else! (other than those at the Gala premiere that day) Neh ni neh ni poo poo! MUAHAHA :P

Gala premiere hor! You Muggles shall wait till 16th December!

Brought BFF Nurul along! Be my BFF can go gala premiere leh, not bad hor?

The act cool models pretending to be "programs" (Watch the movie to understand!)

I think for shows like TRON, watching it 3D would be highly recommended!

Right after the movie, they have this photo taking session with the models. Apparently if you upload the photo to their FB page and get the most "like" will win prizes like the Razer gaming mouse/ keyboard, Tron Premium packs or a pair of tickets!
So everyone please click this LINK and help me LIKE the photo, and if i heng heng manage to win anything, i will be doing a giveaway right here on this blog! Current highest "liked" photo is 117 likes. Shouldn't be too difficult for you guys to hit higher than that right? So just click the link and like! (:

P.S: Zzzz. I just realised by the time i published this post, it's already 16th Dec. Gala premiere also no use, you guys can catch the movie in cinemas from today onwards. FML