Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm going to korea tomorrow! No, actually in a few hours!

Just felt like writing a post before i leave for korea tonight!

I'll be taking the plane for the first time tonight! I'll be at the airport terminal 2 at about 8pm before checking in so gather your friends and families, make banners and everything to see me off! MUAHAHAHA Just joking la.

Flight is leaving at 9 plus, and i will be in Korea at 5am+ on friday, tomorrow! It's gonna be really cold there, i just checked. It's -3 degree today! Snow! Snow!

I'll be back on Sunday night, same terminal, about 9pm! (Once again, get your banners ready! AHAHAHAHA!)

"I'm going to korea tomorrow! Actually in a few hours! YES!"

P.s: I'm left with only a few hours and i haven't even change my currency and pack my luggage. FML