Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Resolution for 2010!

Yes, I know i'm very slow. People first day of 2010 start to do their resolution post le, like "My #1 resolution would be blah blah blah..." Now then i start blogging about my resolution -__- Why? CANNOT AH?! Want to fight is it? Comeee ah!

Hmpf. Before I go on, what's a resolution? According to Wiki, "A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous."

So basically it means it's something that you hope to achieve in the new year!


Yup, Resolution #1 would be to save! Ok la, this resolution has been like going on and on forever and i never get to fulfill it all. (I don't think i'll get to fulfill it this year either! But still!) I work part time and i get at least 300 bucks by working 2 times a week, PLUS i earn through my blog.

I looked through my 2009 archives, and every month at least have an advertorial lor! Where did all the money go?!

Gosh. I better stop being a spendthrift and waste all my hard earned money away! I should start by saving the 1500 bucks i got from all the adverts i did recently :D


Resolution #2 will be to be on time! Believe it or not, i used to be the earliest regardless of what event leh! Be it meeting friends or whatever. But now, I'm like one of the latest in everything. Bad habit!!!! Must change!

My record for the most no. of missed call was about 80! Some of my friends got clever and they told me the time to meet was ONE hour before the actual time without telling me! You know what i meant anot? Nevermind. Lol.


This is another Resolution. No matter how many times i tell myself i should blog more, there is still no difference in the end. I'm still blogging at my slow pace.

Even if i anyhow blog, i will still delete the entry in the end, that's one weird habit of mine. HAHAHAHAHA Ok la, in year 2010, I SHALL BLOG MORE. I figured out that after i enter NS, i don't think i will be blogging a lot! (Not that i'm blogging alot now...) Let's just see how it goes :D

Aiyah. Enough of the resolutions la! It's like how many of you actually remember what are your New Year resolution after a few months. As if you all will follow it religiously lor. Maybe some of you say, "My new year resolution would be to lose weight!" Yaya, as if i believe. Ya, eat salad for one day, and chicken chop for the rest of the week right? AHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHA
Ok, I'm being damn bad here. Shall stop :D


Maybe there should be something called the short term resolution! Meaning you think you can achieve it within the next few weeks or in a few months!

Now, it's feasible! My #1 Short term resolution would be to blog a travelogue for my upcoming Korea trip! Unless this is the first time you read my blog, you should be know that I'm going to Korea, this Thursday to be exact!

Ever since my Malacca trip, I always wanted to do another travelogue! Although it will take up A LOT of my time, i still feel it's worth it! Don't you think so?

I'm sooooo excited about trip! There's gonna be alot of first times! My first time taking the plane, first time witnessing snowfall, first time going to a sub degree country etc. It's gonna be a long 7 hours flight! Gonna take like a million photos :D

Special thanks to LG for the sponsor :D

That's all! I feel that my blogging style for this post is so weird. Do you feel the same too? Or you just heck care, got something read happy already? HAHAHAHHA

Psst. I finished this blog post on the train! PRO right! *flicks hair*