Friday, January 1, 2010

Random Random Random!

Just upgraded my haloscan to some shitty "Echo" (the name is so act chio can!). Have to pay like 14 bucks a year just to use it -__- So on 01/01/2011, i'll have to either renew it, or change a new commenting system. I wonder if my blog will still be alive lor. Joking la, it should be alive, at least for the next 3 years *wink*

I would gladly pay 14 bucks for it to REMAIN THE SAME.

I'm supposed to a 2010 resolution post today de lor, but then the Echo make me feel like exploding so i shall leave it for another day :D (Excuses!) I will do it within the next few days la! I promise! I will bring out the highlights of 2009!

Sian. This post is gonna be so boring without photos! Argh. Wait ah, i go find some photo to paste here...


Fail shot of me trying to look cool while playing pool.

My X'mas hat kena pull off at the very last sec of the self timer shot!

Me giving the "Wah lao, why she aim soooo long one?!" look :D

When was the last time you played with bubbles?

Ok la, enough photos le. I just took all these photos from my Facebook! Ok, now there is something i need you guys to do! Which is so comment below! I dunno how the new commenting system works, so help me out! *Puppy eyes* Thanks!

I'll be back with my 2010 resolution post :D