Saturday, July 24, 2010

American Breakfast at Cafe Cartel!

I felt like having Sunday breakfast and the first person i thought of was Claire! No idea why, maybe it's because she is one of my few friends that wakes up early in the morning everyday! (Most of my friends wake up after 12noon?) Thought of having Ya sun at Tampines but realised it closed down nong nong ago, so Claire suggested Cafe cartel! Their breakfast menu online looks damn nice! Click HERE! :D

Cafe Cartel breakfast at Tampines Mall!

Love American Breakfast because there's ham, egg, sausage and bacon! Spoilt for choice!!!!

Complimentary bread with butter! Super nice *smack lips*

Can't decide but felt like having EVERYTHING!!! Thank god i mean Cafe cartel they have the Ultimate delight set! I can has Pancake, Toast, Bacon, Chicken Sausage and scrambled egg ALL IN ONE!!! :D

Breakfast set comes with free flow of coffee or tea, but i decided to top up 50cent for Orange juice!

Claire topped up 50 cents too for a Cafe Latte! Looks damn good!

That's all for Sunday breakfast! Feel like having Breakfast EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY! Like make it a routine or something. Every Sunday go to different places to have breakfast and blog about it, sounds good right!!!! Ehh, any suggestions/ recommendations on where i should go next? Comment below! ;)