Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe at Orchard Central! 翡翠香港茶餐厅

Was catching up with Clarence and Kelvin and we decided to have lunch at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe at Orchard Central! Technically it's my first time dining in there (I only had dessert the first time!) Bet most of you guys don't know there's a Crystal Jade Hong Kong cafe in Singapore right! I always thought there's only one type of Crystal Jade, the one that have the famous xiao long bao and fried rice...

Clarence deciding on what to eat...

They have quite a huge variety of food, mostly HK delights. All look super tempting.

Their milk tea is presented in the MOST SPECIAL way!

Their desserts are highly recommended! Love the shaved ice :D

Kelvin ordered their Crispy Spring Chicken with lemon grass specialty!

I ordered Chicken and "xiang chang" rice wrapped in lotus leaf! nom nom nom

Clarence ordered a Ocean Basket!

Their milk tea comes in this very special bottle with a hole in the center where they place dry ice in it! When served, the waitress will pour abit of water into the hole, causing it to react with the dry ice and endless smoke will flow out from the hole, spreading all over the table!!!! Spectacular! I was like, "Wahhhhhhhhhhh....."

Clarence's ice lemon tea! Comes with 2 bugs included.

Ta-dah! An overview of the food we ordered!

Ordered Chocolate shaved ice for dessert! Comes with vanilla ice cream too!

Total bill amounted to $60.40! Quite reasonable for the quality of the food :D