Sunday, July 11, 2010

Danbo ♥

If you have been following me on twitter ( nowadays, you would have read my tweets about Danbo! Wonder what it is?
"Danboard or Danbo for short is Miura Hayasaka in a cardboard box suit from the Japanese manga series Yotsuba&! The figure is plastic, has movable joints, light up eyes and stands around 5" tall."
Recently my 2 friends, Jing long and Joyce managed to got hold onto these cute little Danbo figures! They are not cheap okay! It's $38 for a small one and $58 for the bigger one. They are super duper ultra mega cute in real life!!!!!

Borrowed from Joyce for one of my advert. You can see the photo HERE.

Some photographers specially use the Danbo to take creative photos, here are just a few of the nicer and cuter ones i picked from the net to share with you guys! :D

Cannot imagine the amount of time needed just to take these photos!