Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I watched eclipse!!! Have you?

Last November after watching New moon, I was like, "Haix, have to wait another 6 months for Eclipse..." It's now July and Eclipse is OUT!!!!! Was damn super excited and i bet a lot of people wants to watch it badly like me so i decided to book tickets online the night before to save time and also to get good seats...

Ta-dah! Can totally imagine those queuing up physically at the ticketing booth getting the first 2 row seats. (This is the seats available the night BEFORE leh!)

Searched all the cinemas online and managed to get the "Best available seats" which is 5th row from the front, right side. Better than all the way to the front...

Bought a popcorn combo! Wonder why Cathay don't have those special popcorn combo lor! Golden village got like Eclipse combo (with a metallic cup leh!), or Toy story 3 combo or even a World cup combo! The promotion that was on for Cathay? "How to train your dragon Combo" -__- hello, that show was like a million years ago leh. At least come up with something to attract us lah! Nevermind. Zzz

One sentence review: "This show is f**king AWESOME!"

After New moon, I had really high hopes on Eclipse because i find eclipse the most exciting among the 4 books because of the battle scenes against the Newborns! So glad i wasn't disappointed! Throughout the 2 hours+, my eyes was totally stuck to the screen. Totally forgot to eat my popcorn! Super duper ultra mega nice! :D

Expect love scenes between Edward and Bella (as usual...)

Riley! The leader of the Newborns.

Cullens in action against the Newborn army! Super exciting.

Riley and Victoria got hold of Edward, almost killing him!

Eclipse get...

5 out of 5 popcorn from me! (I'm bias, neh ni neh ni poo poo!)