Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking for venue! Any recommendations?

For the past few weeks, i have been planning and preparing for my 21st birthday! Everything has been quite smooth sailing and according to plan but now i might have some last minute changes due to some unforeseen circumstances! I'm looking for a venue that can hold around 25 pax, preferably a function room which allows outside catering! (Best if there's projector and sound system!) My current one doesn't allow, some places insist on booking the venue + order their food -__-

This is like the ideal venue i have in mind...

Quite nice right! I anyhow google-d de, it's in Paris by the way. Zzz

Thought of getting a boutique hotel room but it's quite difficult to accommodate everyone and i can't cater a buffet inside the room. By the way, my buffet will be sponsored by Orange Clove! Weeeee~ If you have a place in mind, can you kindly comment below or email me at (:

Worse come to worse, i guess i'll stick to the first venue and decide again lor...