Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mid autumn celebration!

Question! How did you spend this year's Mid autumn festival? When the word - "Mid autumn festival" (0k, it's 3 words -__-) or better known as Mooncake Festival come into my mind, the first few things i would think of are #1: Moon cakes, #2: Lanterns and #3: Sparkles! Did you think of those too? :D

Impromptu decision to get everyone out to have some fun at night!!!

Mooncake festival celebration at Henderson Wave :D

Wanted to play at Vivo rooftop but we were not sure we are allow to play sparkles there or not, Marina Barrage was kinda not convenient for most of us, East Coast park also quite far so we decided on Henderson Wave! SUPER FAR AWAY ALSO! I reached at around 9pm because of my cousin's house warming/ birthday party... By the time reach, it's damn late le lor... Nevertheless, camwhore!

Kaixin and Jiaqi (:

Did not take much photos also. LOL

Oh ya, you know how you can adjust the camera;s shutter speed so that you can capture really chio photos using light? We tried to create the words - COUSINS using our sparkles! First attempt was a disaster! Managed to almost do it the second time, Ying zi took a video of us doing it!!! :D

LOL at 1.08 sec! I unknowingly threw the sparkles backwards!!! AHAHAHAHHA

Final result! Quite nice right!!!! It says, "Cousins ♥"

One last group shot to end this post! :D

Monday, September 27, 2010

One more week to POP lo!

I enlisted to Tekong on the 4th of June, feeling damn sad. It feels like my life has been disrupted, 2 years of my life wasted. My BMT is 4 months instead of the usual 2 months because i didn't bother to take my NAPFA in Poly, thinking i won't pass so no point taking. But little did i know that...

P.s: POP = Passing out parade aka Graduation Parade!

Just got my platoon photo, i look damn nerdy can!!!! AHAHAHAHHA

On 2nd October, i will be graduating from BMT on the Marina Platform!!!! Can't wait :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I ♥ my mum!


During the recent YOG, Procter & Gamble hosted mothers of the youth athletes. On the 25th of Aug, P&G launched its “Thank You Mums” advertising campaign in S'pore in conjunction with the inaugural YOG to recognise the sacrifice that mums make to help children achieve their sporting dreams.

This advertising campaign is led by a 30 second TVC, “Nurture”. The TV commercial acknowledges that the journey to becoming a Youth Olympian begins with the mother of these young athletes. She is the one who first sees that spark in her child; that potential for greatness.

"Nurture" is a TV spot that captures that sentiment, and celebrates mums not only for what they see, but also for what they do, supporting their children every step of the way; that behind every Olympic Champion is a mum. Although it's just a simple 30 sec video, it reminds me of how much my mum sacrifice for me...

Since young, my mum dotes on me the most. My parents always try their best to give me what i wanted. There are times where i throw my temper at them for the smallest thing and i don't really appreciate what they did for me, that was when i was immature.

When i was young, i had this - Chinese call it the 三分钟热度 or "3 mins hotness" problem. Especially with sports! You can find lots and lots of sports items in my store room. There's badminton rackets, table tennis bats, basketball, soccer ball, volleyball etc. You name it, most likely you will find it...

Reason being, i was interested in that particular sport during different period of time BUT i never stick to one sport. Even though my mum always complain about my "3 mins hotness", she will still support me by getting me the equipments because she knows i enjoy doing that sport. That's something i'm very thankful of. (even though it's quite a waste of money because i will end up losing interest. Zzz)

If i were to start a FB page on my mum, i bet she will get more "likes" than this:

Especially now when i'm in the Army, NS has made me appreciate my loved ones more. Every week without fail, my mum will wait for me to book out, wash my dirty clothes, ask how am i doing, pack my room, cook dinner for me and many many other stuff.

In order not to let her worry, I would...

so as not to let her worry...

My officers always tell me, "Even though you might be suffering in here. At the end of the day when you call home, would you want to tell your parents how much you have suffer and let them worry, or tell them your achievements and the things you enjoyed?" Everyone should know the answer (:

I bet the youth athletes appreciates what P&G is doing for them and their mums (:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking for venue! Any recommendations?

For the past few weeks, i have been planning and preparing for my 21st birthday! Everything has been quite smooth sailing and according to plan but now i might have some last minute changes due to some unforeseen circumstances! I'm looking for a venue that can hold around 25 pax, preferably a function room which allows outside catering! (Best if there's projector and sound system!) My current one doesn't allow, some places insist on booking the venue + order their food -__-

This is like the ideal venue i have in mind...

Quite nice right! I anyhow google-d de, it's in Paris by the way. Zzz

Thought of getting a boutique hotel room but it's quite difficult to accommodate everyone and i can't cater a buffet inside the room. By the way, my buffet will be sponsored by Orange Clove! Weeeee~ If you have a place in mind, can you kindly comment below or email me at (:

Worse come to worse, i guess i'll stick to the first venue and decide again lor...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Night Cycling at East Coast Park!

Impromptu decision to go Night cycling with Jiaqi, YingZi, Kaixin and Jing long! So from Kallang leisure Park, we took the train to Dakota and took a bus all the way to East Coast Park! Super random!!!!!

Can't remember the last time i rode a bicycle lor! Rented a bike each for $6 and cycled around east coast. Oh ya, I HAS A HIDDEN TALENT! I can freakin' ride a bicycle without holding onto the handle leh! Dunno how i do it also, Lol. Jiaqi tried to copy me and crashed into Kaixin and fell down -__-

We spend $6 renting the bicycles for 1 hour but i think we spent 30mins of the time taking photos!

Love the feeling of cycling at night! It's damn shuang to have the wind blowing against you! ♥

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nihon Mura! nom nom nom

Here's another FOOD post! Dinner at Nihon Mura! Nihon Mura is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant mainly because of their food and price! Oh ya, and also how the ordering system works :D

A board outside showing you how to order the food.

Basically you just take the ice cream sticks of the item that you want and place it in the cup :D

Sushi at only $1 per plate! One of the cheapest around! nom nom nom

Ordered some additional fried items such as Takoyaki, Agedashi tofu, Ebi prawn and Shirauo Fry!

Crazy lot of food filling up the table. In the end we did not manage finish everything -__-

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ice skating again at Kallang Leisure Park!

As the title suggests, I WENT FOR ICE SKATING AGAIN!!! One can never have enough of ice skating, LOL. It's really damn fun and relaxing lor (not the falling part though.) Everyone should just tryyyy!!!

For the millionth time, it's located at Kallang Leisure Park. (Love the circle line!)

Yes, i'm still a student *flash poly pass* -buay pai seh- MUAHAHA

It was damn crowded that day AND the floor was super duper slippery. Damn scary

Important note to all: ALWAYS ALWAYS tie your shoes laces tightly in order to skate well.

Photo with Jiaqi :D

Group photo before starting to skate! (Joyce and Jing long not in photo)

Had to go slowly because the ground was really slippery, damn easy to fall down. Confirm wet de.

2 little kids posing for a photo! Awwwww

Last group photo before we leave the rink. (Jiaqi not in photo)

Total bill: $55.50! Around $20 per person. Quite affordable hor? (:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

LOL at 欧萱 Jeanette Aw! AHAHAHHA

I was reading Alvin's blog and i came across this "Jeanette Aw Crazy Animated GIF" post, and i totally LOL-ed when i saw the GIF! Decided to share with you guys and let you guys have a good laugh! :D

(The women blinking her eyes at the back was kinda distracting though.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday Breakfast at Breadbar Cafe!

Once again, another Sunday passed! This time, Claire and I decided to have Breakfast at Breadbar Cafe (Tampines Century Square basement one) after looking at their delicious looking you-tiao! :D

Simple looking store but with not-so-simple food items!

Breadbar Cafe is famous for their you tiaos, it comes with in different "flavours" such as the classic (original), Onion, Almond, Sesame and Green tea! Other fried items includes Butterfly bun etc.

Value set comes with 1 Youtiao aka Bread bar, Coffee/tea and a bowl of beancurd + home made dip!

I ordered a bowl of chicken porridge and a Classic Breadbar set with iced milo! ♥

Delicious Chicken porridge with egg ($3.50 + $0.50) and you tiao ($0.90 each)

Each value set comes with a little bottle of home made dip! There's Kaya, Wasabi, chocolate etc.

Conclusion: I spent around 10 bucks on this breakfast which includes the chicken porridge, 2 you tiaos, 1 bowl of beancurd and a cup of iced milo. Overall quite satisfied with my breakfast. Nothing much to complain except maybe the porridge is abit too expensive at $4/bowl. Love the You-tiaos :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tora Shabu Steamboat at illuma!

As you guys know, i'm in the army and for the first 2 weeks of BMT i don't get to book out because it's the adjustment week so after that 2 weeks, i finally get to meet up with my close friends! Having to eat lousy canteen food for 2 whole weeks, it's time for some good steamboat buffet!!!! AHHHHHH

Decided to have Tora Shabu at illuma. ATAS steamboat leh! :D

Table #1: Joyce, Ash, Li mei, Claire and me!

Table #2: Mel, Don, Wei Jie and Qian Yi!

Table #3: Kaizhi, Josh, Jiaqi and Jing long!

This Tora Shabu is the ATAS version of the normal steamboat. The normal one you must go over to the food counter to get your food but for this, there's this form whereby you tick the boxes of the items you want and they will put everything into ONE BIG PLATE and bring it to your table!!!!!! :D

Expensive items included! Mussels, sea cucumber, big prawns, cuttle fish, squid etc!

Thin slices of Pork and beef lined up nicely, atas much?

Happy us ordering plates after plates of food, enjoying ourselves :D

Just like any other buffet, everyone ordered too much and was too full to finish everything so we had to think of ways to "hide" the food to prevent getting charged for wastage. Singaporeans, Zzz. LOL

After eating... Hmm, what is everyone so engrossed in?

They tricked me into bringing my netbook and played a video montage for me and Weijie!!!!

Went up to the top floor of illuma and spammed instaxs! :D

BIG BIG Group photo to end this post! :D