Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taipei: Eating off toilet bowls, dick waffles and bunny girls?!

Last weekend, my mum randomly told me she wants to go on a holiday with my dad. I thought she was joking, and the next thing i knew, my parents booked a Taipei tour package and is flying off 2 days later -__- Totally didn't expect it to be so suddenly. Though it will be like one month later or what.

They brought my EX1 camera along so when they came back, I immediately took my camera and browse at the photos they took! Well, here are some photos that i thought was rather interesting! :D

When i saw this photo, i almost wanted to praise my dad for taking this brilliant shot (don't you find this photo damn nice!!!) but i wanted to double confirm that he took this photo. In the end i found out, Yes. He took this shot, but took it from a poster, not the real thing. No wonder so nice -__-

Taken from the highest level of the Taipei 101

After scrolling through some of the boring museum photos in my camera, i came across this:


They are selling dick shaped waffles! AHAHHAHAHAHHAA

Inside the waffle is hot dog and cheese. According to my parents, they say it's quite nice, LOL

Their specially designed mold for the waffle. Why would anyone think of this? But i think it's quite obscene to hold to be walking around with a dick shaped waffle in your hand. AHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Before going for the trip, my parents asked me if i know of any places that they must go in Taipei, the first place that came up to my mind was the Modern Toilet restaurant! If you have been reading my blog for the past few years, you would have came across this POST which i list down the places i would want to visit overseas and Modern Toilet is one of them! Can't believe my parents went first.

Toilet themed restaurant! Toilet bowls for seats! One of a kind :D

I believe this is my dad's curry rice served in a toilet bowl! Ewwwwww! LOLOLOL

My mum's baked rice served in a bath tub!

Ice cream served in a shape of a shit! Quite beautiful done leh!

HUGE serving of dessert! I wonder how my parents finish them...

Last but not least, i believe my dad took the above 2 photos, LOL

I guess it will soon be my turn to go Taiwan! I hope by end of this year or early next year!