Monday, June 20, 2011

Denim jacket for only $4.90?

The current trend with me and my course mates now is online shopping! After introducing them to Gmarket, everyone started coming to my room every now and then with their laptop and Visa/ Mastercard and start to search for the latest bargain and we all buy together! I think up to date, we bought instax albums, instax films, lots of tees, wallets, watches and many more, damn kua zhang!

Anyway, i was surfing for Men's apparels and i came across this denim jacket at only $4.90:

I was like, "Har?! This denim jacket only cost $4.90, and after shipping it's only $6.40?!" I showed it to my friends and they were like, "Confirm scam de lah, how can so cheap..." Anyhow-ly i decided to take the risk and prove to everyone it's gonna be real so the next thing i did was...

Paid $6.40 and pray.

By the way, the size and colour of the jacket is not even what i want, LOLOLOLOL

The only size available was M onwards and the colour available was Dark blue. I wanted S size and Dark grey. But since it's only $6.40, i anyhow order because i wanted to know how the product will turn out in real. (It might not even come lor! Like scam!) Throughout the rest of the week, i was thinking about it. Until around 4 days later, when i return home and stepped into my room...

(actually a few parcels cos i ordered alot of other things too :/)


I can now go back to my friends and proudly tell them that my $6.40 denim jacket came! Maybe some of you think that the quality is shitty, like super thin but let me tell you, IT'S NOT. It's like so thick i don't know when to wear it out -__- Anyway, it's abit oversized. FML thank you very much.