Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#sgsmd: Come join me this Saturday for a good cause!

Hello! Before i go on, let me just explain what's this "Social Media Day" or #sgsmd that i've been twitter-ing about on my twitter! Singapore Social Media Day (SGSMD) 2011 is a bloggers-initiated charity carnival fully supported by OMY.SG to celebrate World Social Media Day (30th June). SGSMD and it will be held on this Saturday 25th June 2011, from 2pm-9pm at *SCAPE Atrium & Gallery.

The event mainly makes up of a couple of charity booths, shopping, performing arts, meaningful station games and an exciting sandwich-making contest, amongst other activities. Sounds fun?

SGSMD aims to promote social media activity such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogshops to a whole new level in Singapore. Join them as they are raising funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF)! Shop at the blog shops’ sales booth (20% of their sales will go to the fund!) You can also donate any amount and you get a game card to exchange for a goodie bag! :D


I'll be one of the bloggers for the CREATIVE SANDWICH MAKING CONTEST! In this contest, four contestants will pair up with a blogger (Me and 3 others!) to create an attractive sandwich to impress the audience and the judges! Come on! Register and join me in this interesting contest!!!!

To register for this contest, you can send an email to with the heading “Creative Sandwich Making!!” stating your Name and Contact Number! Please note that there's a registration fee of $10 (remember it's for a good cause!) and you'll have to pay it on the day itself. All equipments and ingredients will be provided, all you have to do is join me to create the Ultimate sandwich! I've already got an idea (provided they have the ingredients i want)! MUAHAHA


Open up your mailbox, create a new message, register and join me this Saturday! I will be looking forward to see you guys! Even if you don't want to join, come down for the event also good. I will be there this Saturday from 2pm to 9pm!!!! Woots. I always wanted to meet my readers so do come!

For more information on SGSMD, please visit:
Official site:
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Official Twitter Account: