Monday, June 6, 2011

What did you do during the weekend?

I always bring my camera out where ever i go but it's either #1: I did not charge the batteries -__- or #2: I'm too lazy to take it out to take photos. But last weekend i decided to be more hardworking *flicks hair* and hook on the camera strap and took random photos to blog this post! MUAHAHA

Photo #1: Lemon Juice with white pearl and Ai yu jelly from Gong Cha!

First time trying! Normally i don't drink Gong cha or Koi. My friends keep telling me how nice this is and how i would get addicted to it after trying it for the first time. But don't have ley -__- I find it quite normal, and not sweet enough. Normally how many % you guys go for ah? I tried 50%.

Photo #2: X-Men First Class at Marina Square!

Booked tickets online the night before! Only $8.50/ tickets thanks to my Safra card! I find the movie quite nice. (Btw, i'm a HUGE fan of X-Men!!!) Perhaps a bit more climax would be better. Don't really have scenes where it makes you "sit up and hold your breath", understand what i'm trying to say?

Photo #3: Super long queue at Astons, The Cathay!

Was craving for Astons so we headed over to The Cathay for dinner. Waited for at least 40 mins before we could get a seat! There isn't a time when i passed by this outlet and i see no queue!

#4: Char-grilled chicken with Fries and Baked potato!

I Astons because it's nice and affordable! It's only like 10+ bucks per person!

Photo #5: Grilled fish with Mashed potato and Tasty rice!

Photo #6: Starbucks!

Always wanted to get a new water bottle and the Starbucks tumbler caught my attention! The tumbler cost $15.90 but guess what? It comes with a FREE tall beverage! So after minus-ing the Strawberries and Cream (everyone should try it, i swear it's super heavenly!) which cost $6.40, the tumbler cost me less than 10 bucks! I CAN HAS A NEW WATER BOTTLE/ TUMBLER! :D

Photo #7: Hangover 2!

Impromptu decision to catch a midnight movie! So i used my iPad to search for available tickets. Cineleisure - FULL. The Cathay - FULL. GV Plaza Sing - FULL. Shaw Lido - FULL. Basically all the cinemas in town were full, BUT we managed to get tickets for Hangover 2 at Eng wah, Suntec at 11.50pm! Super funny movie!!! Cabbed home after the movie, and reached home at 2am. Slept at 4!

P.s: I think this blog post very n00b. LOL