Sunday, July 10, 2011

I like to go Parkway Parade! ♥

Parkway parade used to be one of my favourite place in Singapore (in fact it still is!) I remember when i was a kid, there used to be this HUGE amusement center on the 4th floor. It's like a arcade plus a mini theme park with rides. Like a fun fair! Me and my cousins will go there like twice a month, good memories... Even though Parkway changed a lot, it's still one of my favourite shopping center ♥

The place is abit inaccessible so i'll always wait for my dad to bring the family there on Sundays! Opposite the shopping center is my one of my favourite dim sum! Yes, in a hawker center! Well... If you know me well enough, you will know that i seldom eat in hawker centers :| But this is different!

The dim sum store is called "Neptune" Cheap and nice ♥

Crispy prawn puff, Har gor, Siew mai and Lotus glutinous rice!

Not forgetting Char siew chee cheong fun! ♥♥♥ Everything less than 20 bucks?

One of my favourite ice cream! Scoopz at Parkway parade basement!

It's only $2.90 per scoop! (Super cheap compared to expensive brands like Haagen daz or Ben & Jerry's) and they make the ice cream infront of you. Apparently they ice cream are hand made or something, then they will keep "stirring" the ice cream to get rid of the air inside so that the ice cream will be smoother. Something like that, LOL! Go try it if you're going Parkway, it's different :D