Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ok, this is just another short random update! Quite obvious what this post is about, but before i go on, let me show you how my current wallet looks like! (Ok, i know it's abit chui...)

I was using a LV wallet before this, and that day i was at the MAAD flea market at Red dot museum. It's not the usual flea market where people sell their clothes and junk, it's like a gathering for designers to sell their handmade stuff etc. I was looking around, quite amazed by some works.

I chanced upon this designer who doodled on plain paper wallet, so i thought why not support him by getting one of the wallet (It's only 8 bucks!) The next thing i did the next day was to pick up my market and continued the design - which is what you see in the above photo! Not bad right!

Anyway, it's not really a "paper" wallet. Yes, it's made of paper but a more durable type. Supposedly to be waterproof and tear proof but somehow i managed to prove both wrong. Mine is damn chui :|

Yesterday i was shopping around town and i saw this Agn├Ęs b card holder. Love at first sight

As much as i want to get the wallet, i kept telling myself i don't need a new wallet (My LV is less than 3 months old!) and i'm spending way too much $$ for the month! I began spamming tweets:

In the end, i went back to the ion outlet and got it.