Thursday, June 30, 2011

RSAF Open house!

Super overdue post! But since i already edited the photos long long ago, i shall do a quick post! Over the weekends was the RSAF open house so i thought it would be a good chance to bring my friends there to let know more about about the air force and mainly because i want to see the air show again! The only time we get to see such air show is during national day leh! LOLOLOLOLOL

Traumatized by the long queue at the interchange for the shuttle bus. Decided to cab in instead.

Until today, everyone is still not used to my EX1 camera! Look at the lens, not the flip screen!!!

An cool looking F15 aircraft greeted us when we enter the open house! Super nice!

Went straight to the seating gallery to wait for the airshow to start! Can you spot Jiaqi and Ying zi?

The air show started with parachuting from a C130 plane, followed by fighter air crafts taking off RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! You don't even get to see it during NDP lor! This air show really shows how ready the air force when in emergency. I bet everyone was impressed by it! *beams*

It feels like the National parade! Except that me and jing long are sitting on the ground. No seats -.-

The amount of people at the open house. Want to take photos with the aircraft also difficult.

The Hercules C130! Alot of people queuing just to go into it just to take a look...

Camwhoring with a helicopter at the back! :D

It's not everyday you get to take a photo infront of a plane!!! Ehh, the uncle behind photobomb.

The great Chinook transport helicopter at the back!

Last but not least, FREE Rsaf pin badges for souvenirs! Collected all 3 designs! ♥

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#sgsmd: Come join me this Saturday for a good cause!

Hello! Before i go on, let me just explain what's this "Social Media Day" or #sgsmd that i've been twitter-ing about on my twitter! Singapore Social Media Day (SGSMD) 2011 is a bloggers-initiated charity carnival fully supported by OMY.SG to celebrate World Social Media Day (30th June). SGSMD and it will be held on this Saturday 25th June 2011, from 2pm-9pm at *SCAPE Atrium & Gallery.

The event mainly makes up of a couple of charity booths, shopping, performing arts, meaningful station games and an exciting sandwich-making contest, amongst other activities. Sounds fun?

SGSMD aims to promote social media activity such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogshops to a whole new level in Singapore. Join them as they are raising funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF)! Shop at the blog shops’ sales booth (20% of their sales will go to the fund!) You can also donate any amount and you get a game card to exchange for a goodie bag! :D


I'll be one of the bloggers for the CREATIVE SANDWICH MAKING CONTEST! In this contest, four contestants will pair up with a blogger (Me and 3 others!) to create an attractive sandwich to impress the audience and the judges! Come on! Register and join me in this interesting contest!!!!

To register for this contest, you can send an email to with the heading “Creative Sandwich Making!!” stating your Name and Contact Number! Please note that there's a registration fee of $10 (remember it's for a good cause!) and you'll have to pay it on the day itself. All equipments and ingredients will be provided, all you have to do is join me to create the Ultimate sandwich! I've already got an idea (provided they have the ingredients i want)! MUAHAHA


Open up your mailbox, create a new message, register and join me this Saturday! I will be looking forward to see you guys! Even if you don't want to join, come down for the event also good. I will be there this Saturday from 2pm to 9pm!!!! Woots. I always wanted to meet my readers so do come!

For more information on SGSMD, please visit:
Official site:
Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Account:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Denim jacket for only $4.90?

The current trend with me and my course mates now is online shopping! After introducing them to Gmarket, everyone started coming to my room every now and then with their laptop and Visa/ Mastercard and start to search for the latest bargain and we all buy together! I think up to date, we bought instax albums, instax films, lots of tees, wallets, watches and many more, damn kua zhang!

Anyway, i was surfing for Men's apparels and i came across this denim jacket at only $4.90:

I was like, "Har?! This denim jacket only cost $4.90, and after shipping it's only $6.40?!" I showed it to my friends and they were like, "Confirm scam de lah, how can so cheap..." Anyhow-ly i decided to take the risk and prove to everyone it's gonna be real so the next thing i did was...

Paid $6.40 and pray.

By the way, the size and colour of the jacket is not even what i want, LOLOLOLOL

The only size available was M onwards and the colour available was Dark blue. I wanted S size and Dark grey. But since it's only $6.40, i anyhow order because i wanted to know how the product will turn out in real. (It might not even come lor! Like scam!) Throughout the rest of the week, i was thinking about it. Until around 4 days later, when i return home and stepped into my room...

(actually a few parcels cos i ordered alot of other things too :/)


I can now go back to my friends and proudly tell them that my $6.40 denim jacket came! Maybe some of you think that the quality is shitty, like super thin but let me tell you, IT'S NOT. It's like so thick i don't know when to wear it out -__- Anyway, it's abit oversized. FML thank you very much.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ying zi's 18th Birthday at MBS!

Slightly overdue post! Was invited by Yingzi to her 18th Birthday celebration at Marina Bay Sands! Was quite a rush that day cos i had to rush to somewhere to get her present (which you all will know at the later part of this post!) Carried it all the way to Cityhall from Pasir Ris, met Jiaqi, Jinglong and Kaizhi, bought Helium balloons at Raffles city and walked all the way to MBS. Phew

Wanted to buy a card for her but decided to write our wishes on the helium balloons instead.

Photo taken at the Helix bridge. SO NEAR YET SO FAR! Have to walk all the way.

Ying zi's room is at MBS tower 3, which the first out of the three building that you see in the above photo. So we have to walk all the way to the end of our side, cross the traffic light, and walk back to the first building. After walking for like 20 mins, we finally reached. Understand? No? Nevermind.

The size of the toilet, is the size of my room (i think. Or just abit smaller) -__-

The Magnificent Bedroom. I like to play with the curtains cos it's button activated. Just keep pressing then it will open close open close, LOLOLOLOL Ehh, by the way, this is not the standard room. It's the MBS suite which cost $1.2k PER NIGHT wtf. The room alone already cost so much!

The view from the room. I took 2 photos, one at around 6pm, and one at 7pm. GIF-ed them (:

The well-known fridge in MBS! Once you take any drink out from the fridge, it will automatically be charged to your bill within 15 seconds. I thought i very clever and suggested using a straw (?!) to drink straight of the can without taking it out from the fridge, leaving the can intact. Apparently someone said that the sensor will take note the weight of the can too. Oh wells, they more smart.

I like this photo! Don't know who took it using my camera though.

Fish eye lens! Got realise anot? Bet some of you didn't!

Dinner! Ying zi ordered Pizza and KFC for her guests (:

Never thought that i would go to the highest level of MBS because it cost 20 bucks/person!

The view was magnificent, especially in the night when all the lights in the city are on!

See what i meant! Chio x1343289743243

Not forgetting to take photos! (although they don't look like they are taken on top of MBS -.-)

Ok, this one can see abit! If you look at the center, you can see the pool and buildings! MUAHAHA

Cake cutting time! Happy birthday to you~

Group shot! Jing long, Joyce, me, Ying zi, Kai zhi, Jiaqi, Mel and June (Behind)


The exclusive Hello Kitty Mahjong Set!!!! *screammmmmm*

Every tile is engraved with hello kitty! Even the chips and the dices! Chio ttm.

Everyone taking a photo of the Mahjong set and twitpic-ing it!

Last but not least, a group photo with everyone!
(Woah. Look at all the expensive DSLRs on the table!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sushi and Play Nation!

Ever since i passed by the newly opened PlayNation at Scape, i told myself i will find time one day to drop by, relax and have fun for a few hours! So last weekend, i managed to gather Jiaqi, Jing long, Kaixin, Yingzi and Joyce to go for PlayNation's weekend Happy hour from 2pm to 6pm! YAYYYYY
But before meeting the rest at Scape, Jiaqi, Kaixin and me decided to have Jap for lunch, so we met up at Nihon Mura at The Cathay! The girls really ordered ALOT of food! Like very long never eat, LOL

We then headed to PlayNation at *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, #03-01 (:

Weekend rates for Happy hour is $12.50/ person from 2pm to 6pm with FREE flow of drinks!

The main game that we wanted to play was Band Hero! There will be 2 guitarist, 1 drummer and 1 singer for each song so we get to rotate the different instruments. I like to play the guitar the most! Hate singing because i don't know most of the songs, except for Taylor swift and some other, LOL

I think the drum quite difficult to play, must hit until very hard -__-

The next game we played was Rayman Raving Rabbids! Super silly game, LOLOLOLOL

The game consist of alot of mini games and we have to hold the Wii controller and do all sorts of things, damn funny! Like for the photo above, everyone have to hold the controller and do the "running" action to escape being crush by the giant rolling stone! Very fun but tiring at the same time!

Random photo of Joyce, Me and Ying zi! Totally engrossed in the game!

Act chio photo taken outside *Scape. (Of course with abit of photoshop done!)

Shall end this post with my favorite Frolick yogurt! I CAN HAS 2 FREE TOPPINGS!

I wanted to redeem a free topping, but even before i tell the frolick girl what topping i want, she started dumping chunks of kit kat into my cup! I totally stunned and told her i didn't say i want Kit kat. So she decided to give me another topping, now my yogurt look so colourful! YAYYYYY :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

What did you do during the weekend?

I always bring my camera out where ever i go but it's either #1: I did not charge the batteries -__- or #2: I'm too lazy to take it out to take photos. But last weekend i decided to be more hardworking *flicks hair* and hook on the camera strap and took random photos to blog this post! MUAHAHA

Photo #1: Lemon Juice with white pearl and Ai yu jelly from Gong Cha!

First time trying! Normally i don't drink Gong cha or Koi. My friends keep telling me how nice this is and how i would get addicted to it after trying it for the first time. But don't have ley -__- I find it quite normal, and not sweet enough. Normally how many % you guys go for ah? I tried 50%.

Photo #2: X-Men First Class at Marina Square!

Booked tickets online the night before! Only $8.50/ tickets thanks to my Safra card! I find the movie quite nice. (Btw, i'm a HUGE fan of X-Men!!!) Perhaps a bit more climax would be better. Don't really have scenes where it makes you "sit up and hold your breath", understand what i'm trying to say?

Photo #3: Super long queue at Astons, The Cathay!

Was craving for Astons so we headed over to The Cathay for dinner. Waited for at least 40 mins before we could get a seat! There isn't a time when i passed by this outlet and i see no queue!

#4: Char-grilled chicken with Fries and Baked potato!

I Astons because it's nice and affordable! It's only like 10+ bucks per person!

Photo #5: Grilled fish with Mashed potato and Tasty rice!

Photo #6: Starbucks!

Always wanted to get a new water bottle and the Starbucks tumbler caught my attention! The tumbler cost $15.90 but guess what? It comes with a FREE tall beverage! So after minus-ing the Strawberries and Cream (everyone should try it, i swear it's super heavenly!) which cost $6.40, the tumbler cost me less than 10 bucks! I CAN HAS A NEW WATER BOTTLE/ TUMBLER! :D

Photo #7: Hangover 2!

Impromptu decision to catch a midnight movie! So i used my iPad to search for available tickets. Cineleisure - FULL. The Cathay - FULL. GV Plaza Sing - FULL. Shaw Lido - FULL. Basically all the cinemas in town were full, BUT we managed to get tickets for Hangover 2 at Eng wah, Suntec at 11.50pm! Super funny movie!!! Cabbed home after the movie, and reached home at 2am. Slept at 4!

P.s: I think this blog post very n00b. LOL