Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angry Birds sticky sweet!

My sis brought this pack of Sticky sweet home and ask me to see what's so special about it!

Upon looking closer...

I realised it's the Angry Birds design! So cute!

I wonder how much effort is put in just to create this design...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy #22nd Birthday to myself!

Just nice i'm on 2 weeks leave PLUS i'm going to Phuket for a holiday tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head ♫

I'm always constantly looking for concept cafes and restaurants and this time, i visited Raindrops cafe at 2 Orchard link, outside *Scape! Actually i find the cafe situated at a quite ulu spot and not many people would notice the cafe unless they really open up their eyes and see properly. LOLOLOL

A small cafe with limited seats inside. Just nice that day was raining. Raindrop cafe, geddit?

I like how they decorate the interior. Simple yet innovative.

Shot #1: Photo of Jiaqi and Joyce while waiting for our food!

Shot #2: Photo of me and Jing long!

Shot #3: Group shot of us!

Actually i have forgotten the name of the dish and how much they cost :|

This piece of dessert is freakin' nice and it cost 9 bucks! Taste like tiramisu

4 main course and 1 dessert. Total bill $78.10!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I can't think of a title!

This has got to be one of the most overdue post ever! I think i edited the photos like 1 month ago but was too lazy to add in the words. Finally decided put in the words. Some time ago, i got myself 68 movie tickets to a private screening of Cars 2! Imagine the whole cinema all to myself! MUAHAHA

I was in camp and i only had about a week to plan my private screening and invite 68 people! Where to find! To make things easier for myself, i decided to give some to my friends, my air force mates and also hold a mini giveaway on my twitter so that i get to meet my blog readers in real life too!

Moreover, the screening was held at 10AM in the morning! How many people would actually wake up on a Saturday morning, travel all the way to town just to catch a movie? I specifically stated in my twitter giveaway and i was so touched when so many readers are willing make the trip down!

One of the only few group photos i took because i was running around that day identifying people!

Group photo with my air force buddies and their girlfriends!

Pity i couldn't coordinate for a group photo with everyone who turned up that day. I would love to take photos with every single group of you. Thanks to those who requested for a photo, but why never send meeeee. Or else i can piak the photo in this post, LOL! Nice meeting everyone that day!

Went over to H&M and was quite impressed with their guy's collection at the top level!

Headed over to Marche for lunch! It's been such a long time since i had Marche!!!

One of my favourite and must order of all time!

Met up with Clarence and Joyce in the evening to head to the indoor stadium for SHINee concert!

Last minute-ly managed to get 2 tickets from a online seller. The trick is to wait for the very last few days before the concert where everyone is selling their tickets, then they will sell it cheap! LOL


TOTALLY enjoyed the concert! Especially when they sang Lucifer!!!

Security was quite tight that day and photo taking is not allowed -__- But i couldn't stop myself from taking out the camera to take a shot of them when they were suspend in the air, shooting out laser beams from their hands and singing Lucifer. LOL

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

McDonald's Monopoly Game!

Reached home last weekend and saw a huge parcel on my table, I ripped open the parcel and it was a Monopoly Singapore edition set! I think this is the 2nd monopoly set that i owned so far. The first set was the original UK set and now i own a Singapore set with our very own landmarks and places such as Marina Bay, Sentosa Cove, Orchard Road, Tampines MRT etc on the board! How cool is that?

Well, to show my appreciation... I've decided to do a short mention on the McDonalds's Monopoly!

McDonald’s Monopoly is back for its 3rd year, and this time, it guarantees that all prizes must be won.I guess i don't have to go through the rules because every Singaporean should be quite familiar with it! There are 3 ways to win! Either by "Instant win", "Collect to win" or through the "Chance card"! One label is given to every EVM and 2 for upsized meal. Double during weekends and PH!!!

Without further ado, these are the prizes this time!

Here is the line-up of the ‘Collect to Win’ prizes:

  • 1 X S$80,000 cash (Grand Prize)
  • 1 X Volkswagen Touran 1.4 TSI
  • 1 X Holiday for 4 to Atlanta (USA) + $3,000 cash
  • 1 X Holiday for 2 to Prague
  • 20 X MacBook Air
  • 45 X Flowriding for 2 at Wave House Sentosa
  • 150 X $200 dENiZENTM Voucher
  • 200 X $100 WE Cinemas Movie Card

Instant Win Prizes:
  • McDonald’s menu items
  • McDonald’s Miniatures Collector’s Sets (6 pieces per set)
  • Volkswagen Bobby Cars for Toddlers
  • $20 off $50 minimum spend on VW Merchandise
  • $30 dENiZENTM Vouchers
  • 1 for 1 Flowrides at Wave House Sentosa
  • $8 WE Cinemas Weekend Movie Tickets

Alright, that's all i have. Good luck! For more info, checkout :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Looking through the lens of La Sardina!

Before i go on, let's have a recap of my LoBlography journey for the past few weeks! Well, around 2 weeks before, 20 lucky bloggers got hold of the La Sardina from Lomography as part of the Loblography Blogger Challenge Singapore! (You can read my post HERE!) Here's a photo of us!

All excited and hyped up for the challenge!

After getting hold of the La Sardina, i experimented with it at different areas like Haji lane, Bugis etc! After which, i brought the negative film to Triple D to develop the photos. Meanwhile, sharing my personalized view on the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography on my blog! (Read the post HERE!)

It has been a long time since i last saw negatives! Nostalgic

Without further ado, let me share with you my favourite 10 photos that i took!

Photo #1: Last weekend, Jiaqi and Joyce (she brought out her cute Hello kitty diana mini) accompanied me to Haji lane and i took this photo of them while waiting for the green man!

Photo #2: Upon reaching Haji lane, i decided to take a photo using multi exposure!

Photo #3: A shop at Haji lane was selling vintage looking bicycles! So old school!

Photo #4: Another multi exposure shot! Basically i took a frontal photo of Haji lane and using
the MX mode of the La Sardina, i took another photo of this queer looking broken ceramic tiles.

Photo #5: This has got to be my favourite shot! The amazing thing about lomo film cameras is that you never know what's the end result. Basically this is another multi exposure shot. First would be the background of Haji lane and the other is the metal grills of a shop! Amazing combination

Photo #6: Another of my favourite shot! I was waiting to cross the road and i decided to take a shot but with NOT only 2 times multi exposure, but i tried 4 shots on the same film! Trying to maintain the same background yet take different cars at different shot. Love the end result!

Photo #7: Thought it was quite cool to take a photo of foreign workers mending the road at Bugis.

Photo #8: Went over to Bugis Village and decided to take a photo of myself. Instead of just one shot of myself, i tried to incorporate the crowd into the photo. Quite satisfied with the photo.

Photo #9: Totally didn't expect a crowd at the Bencoolen street area! It felt almost like Chinatown during the Chinese New Year season. I like the dark edges vintage lomo effect in this photo!

Photo #10: Last but not least, I was quite surprised when i saw this photo! Because of the sun rays, this photo of the temple turn out beautifully. Bringing out the antique photo effect

That's all! The above are my top 10 favourite photos that i took with my La Sardina lomography camera! I would say that i'm really lucky to be one of the 20 bloggers in Singapore to try out this camera and it was totally a whole new experience! So which of the above 10 photos is your favourite? Do comment, retweet and "like" this post if you find this post interesting!