Sunday, October 19, 2014

Get messy at Dancing Crab!

As you are reading this, i'm at the other side of the world in Australia. It's the first time i'm spending my birthday overseas and it's kinda of a weird feeling. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! Probably no cake this year since i told no one here that it's my birthday, HAHA As much as i wish to spend the day with my family and friends, this is also a new experience for me. This is a scheduled post by the way, lol. I'm obviously not spending the day in front of the computer, instead probably trying to take a selfie with a wild kangaroo. About 2 weeks back, i met up with my 2 best friends, Jing Long and Jiaqi who took me out for an entire day to celebrate my birthday way in advance. We went to Sunday Folks for their waffles, then Rider's Cafe (not to eat but to visit the area and take some photos) and finally Dancing Crab for dinner! Spent the whole day in the west doing things that i always wanted to do but lazy to travel, LOL

They kept the dinner destination a surprise for the entire day. Since we were in the west, i was guessing maybe W39 bistro since i always mentioned i wanted to visit but when we drove into Turf city, i immediately saw Dancing Crab from the backseat and i somehow guessed that we will be having Dancing Crab since i recently told Jing Long it looks fun and i want to try it. I pretended i don't know where we are going just in case we are going somewhere else. MUAHAHAHA
Wait till they read this post. One of them probably will go, "See! I knew he would know lor. He pretend only" LOLOLOL
 photo 1.jpg
Did not make a reservation beforehand because Jing Long's friend told him no need to reserve one. We ended up waiting for about 35 mins or so lor. In the meantime, we went to explore the nearby Pasarbella, which was quite an eye opener. So ang mo style. While waiting for our seats, i was feeling quite excited because i can't wait to get my hands dirty, LOL
 photo 3.jpg
Got our seats and we put on the plastic apron. SUPER EXCITED!!! Read online about their refreshing lemonade so we ordered the Fizzy Lemonade and Pink thyme lemonade at $4 each. I don't know what's with Dancing Crab but they seem to have this "Happy Hour" whereby at certain point of time, one of the staffs will take the microphone and do a countdown and whoever finishes his or her drink will get a free refill immediately. No idea when it will happen though.
 photo 2.jpg
We ordered a Combo Bag #01A which consist of Sri Lankan Crab, 300g Prawns, 250g Clams, Potatoes, Corn and Sausages ($80), a basket of Garlic soy sauce Chicken wings ($9), Signature Spicy Cajun Fries ($7) and 3 Grilled butter rolls ($2 each) All for the 3 of us to share! When the combo bag came, the staff literally pour everything out onto the table and when the fries and chicken wings came, we did the same and dump everything onto the table! The fries tasted normal, slightly spicy but the chicken wings was good! Needless to say, the seafood was the highlight of the night. The signature dancing crab sauce was really good! Honestly, i'm not a fan of eating crab because of the mess and it takes quite an effort to get the meat out but that night, no need to care about what image and just eat everything unglam-ly!!! HAHA
 photo 4.jpg

Actually this method of eating without plates and utensils is really a great concept. They don't have to wash a single thing and when clearing up, they just have to wrap everything into the plastic that covers the table and throw the whole plastic bag way. Not very environmental friendly though. It was an awesome meal of fun, laughter and good food! Thank you two for the advance birthday treat, i will bring something nice back from Australia, like a koala bear! ♥ ♥ 

Lots of love,                                      

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Travelogue Day 5: 안녕하세요 Seoul! Myeongdong 명동, N Seoul Tower N 서울타워, Good Bye Korea.

It's finally the last post of my Seoul travelogue! Can't believe i took like 5 months to complete it. That's an average of 1 post per month. Unknowingly it's my 3rd time to Korea, the country where a lot of people are planning and always wanted to visit because of the K-Pop and K-drama hype over the past few years. I got to witness snowfall for the very first time during my first trip in 2010. Then in 2013, i got to experience traveling to the outskirts of Korea and in 2014, i explored the rest of Seoul that i missed out during the first 2 trips. I wonder when will be the next time i visit Korea...

Before i go on this final post, here's a recap and link to the previous posts:
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  • Travelogue Day 5: 안녕하세요 Seoul! Myeongdong 명동, N Seoul Tower N 서울타워, Good Bye Korea. 

Basically our return flight is in the late night so technically we had the whole day to ourselves. At the same time, it wouldn't be advisable to travel far so i planned the itinerary such that we will explore nearby our hostel so we can easily return in the evening to collect our luggage and proceed to the airport. The final day would be just visiting N Seoul Tower and Myeondong and our hostel is directly right smack in the middle of these 2 places, walking distance! :D
 photo SAM_9444.jpg
Woke up early to get the usual breakfast - Issac Toast! Throughout the whole 6 days trip, we practically had Issac toast for at least 4 days. The toast is that good and we simply couldn't bother to find other breakfast options, other than one of the days where we woke up late and had the Budae jjigae for "brunch" LOL Highly recommended for those who is staying at Myeondong. It's not expensive also, i think my ham, cheese and egg toast cost about $3? Definitely worth it!!!

Since it's Don first time to Korea, visiting the iconic N Seoul Tower (서울타워) is definitely a must. During my last trip to Korea, i had half a day to myself so i went all the way up the tower for the very first time. This time, i could easily navigate myself up without a map. *flicks hair If you are going there for the first time, this guide is pretty useful - LINK
 photo cablecar.jpg
There are a couple of ways you can get to the tower but the most common way would be via the cable car. Tickets cost about 6300 won for a round trip and it brings you to the bottom of the tower. If you are wondering whether to go further up the tower, i would say... don't bother. Save that 7000 won admission because the view below is just as good.
 photo tower.jpg
Most people would just pay for the cable car and remain at the bottom of the tower. The iconic N Seoul Tower has been featured in countless of K dramas and  what most couples would be interested in would be attaching their love lockets 
 photo keylocks.jpg
 photo churros.jpg
Got myself a stick of Churros 
 photo namsan2.jpg
If you are one of those that intend to attach your very own love lock, i would suggest that you get one before hand from somewhere else because the ones that they sell there are overpriced. Then again, you don't put a price on love. And most people would still pay for it because the one store there is the only place that sells the locket! HAHAHHAHAHAHA 
 photo keylock2.jpg
Other than locks, some people put key chains, fake diamond rings, even handphone cases. If you look closely, you realised some of them are not for their other half but to their favourite Kpop idol instead, lololol. #foreveralone I wonder if they clear lockets every once in awhile. Cannot be they just let the fence accumulate like forever right. O_O
 photo myeondong.jpg
Went to Myeondong to do our last minute shopping and spend away all our remaining Korean Wons! Myeondong is the place to get all the facial products like masks, BB creams and they are typically cheaper than in Singapore. Got myself some facial wash, hair products and facial cream! At Myeondong, you will also get to see posters and standees of Kpop idols everywhere as they endorse the products. The more famous ones during the period i went was Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun (mainly because of the hit drama - "My love from the star"), EXO and G Dragon. They are literally EVERYWHERE.
 photo foood.jpg
Come to think of it, Myeondong is like the Korean version of Taiwan's Ximending 西門町 where by they have all these facial brands, lots of street food and performances along the way. They have this famous "pipe" ice cream (I have no idea what's the exact term for it.) but what they do is stuff soft serve ice cream into this tube. Did not try it though...
 photo street.jpg
Not forgetting my favourite egg bread (Gyeran bbang ,계란빵) since it's already the last day! :(

In the midst of all the shopping and stuff, we came across an underground mart and literally went crazy buying all sorts of Korean snacks which cannot be found in Singapore. I grabbed an empty basket and dump all those interesting looking ones, my favourite Market O Real Brownie, a huge box of Choco pie and eventually paid about SGD$75 for everything - without considering whether there is space in my luggage. By the way, i hand carried all the food back. WORTH IT. LOL
 photo armystew.jpg
Found a Budae jjigae 부대찌개 restaurant and decided to have it for our very last meal in Korea. Come to think of it, i seem to have never across Budae jjigae in Singapore. Anyone can recommend me a good one? I love how they mix all sort of random stuff (but they are mostly things that i eat) into this mild spicy soup base. It's like a steamboat, HAHA 
 photo IMG_2472.jpg
At around 4 plus, we went back to our hostel and dragged our luggage to the common area where we tried to re-packing everything and try fit in the last minute buys. I ended up with a huge bag pack, one filled to the brim luggage and one huge tote bag. It felt almost impossible to carry all our stuff and walk through all the crowd at the substation to take the airport express train to the airport so i suggested taking Airport bus 6015 instead. The Airport bus cost 10,000 won per trip and takes about 40 mins to travel from Myeondong to Incheon Airport. Much more convenient i would say. Phew

The thing i learnt while researching for this Korea trip would be to keep the VAT receipts for Tax refund. Basically if you spend more than 30,000 won at a participating retail store, you are eligible for tax refund (Participating stores are designated by the "Global Blue Tax Free" or "Global Tax Free" logo.) Trust me, it's super easy to hit 30,000 won (SGD$36) especially at those facial shops and branded store. Tip: Keep all the VAT refund receipt in a single envelope!!

Do cater time for tax refund as there can be a queue at the airport. At the airport, look for the tax refund counter and show the purchased goods to the customs officer (normally they won't check) and get the "All Goods Exported" endorsement on the refund receipt. After going through customs, proceed to the Refund Counter on the departures floor to get your cash refund. You probably can get quite a sum of money in return, then again... there is no where to spend already since you are already past the customs which explains the remaining Korean Won i'm left with now, Zzz. 
 photo leaving.jpg
I think i spent some of the "refunded" Korean Wons getting food on the plane. Took the Scoot return flight back to Singapore which includes a transit at Taipei. Eventually arrived in Singapore at about 5am+ in the morning. This marks the end of my 6 days Korea travelogue! If you came across my blog while researching for your upcoming Korea trip, i hope my travelogue is useful! Nevertheless, i hope you enjoyed reading my adventure in Korea! Till the next trip 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get more data with Singtel's WIFI-integrated mobile plans! WIN 12 months of additional 2GB/ month!

Nowadays we are so reliant on our smart phones and we use it for basically everything that you can think of. Updating photos onto social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, streaming your favourite Hong Kong drama or movies, getting the most updated news, do online shopping on sites like Qoo10 and everything i just mentioned can all be done on your phone while on the go. But in order for these activities to take place on your phone, you would require either WIFI or Mobile data. Nowadays most of us gets an average of about 3GB local data bundled with our mobile plans but how many of you feel that it's enough? Well, not for me since i'm always on social media and every now and then i would refresh my Twitter or Facebook time line, upload photos on Instagram, watch YouTube on the go and i bust my data limit EVERY SINGLE MONTH even though i already officially added an additional GB to make it 4GB/ month, oh wells :(
 photo IMG_0586.jpg
At least at the comfort of your own home, you get to connect to the home wireless network...
 photo IMG_0583.jpg
When i'm outdoors, i often depend on this "My Singtel" app to let me know how much data i have used for the month. For every GB that i exceed, i have to pay $10.70 and the most angry thing is, sometimes on the very last day of the billing cycle, i exceeded by maybe 1.2GB and i have to pay additional 2GB for that month! Should have just spammed that remaining 0.8GB by watching videos and make tha extra $21.40 that i'm paying for more worth it, LOLOLOL #kiasu
 photo IMG_0403.jpg
I've also got friends who would turn off their 3G once their local data bundle is used up and for the rest of the month, in order to contact them, you would have to either call them, or traditionally SMS them. No more whatsapp, LOL. Unless they find a free wireless hotspot then you will see them spending the next 20 mins on their phone replying to whatsapp messages and updating on social media. Anyway this post is not about me ranting on busting my data limit but to introduce Singtel's latest Combo plan! The Combo plans are designed to meet consumers’ fast growing mobile data needs by offering high-speed WiFi usage in addition to 4G data bundles. What it means is that Singtel Combo plan subscribers can now connect to the Singtel's premium WiFi network hotspots (rolling out at crowded locations and underground MRT stations at the moment!) and have connectivity that is 5 times faster than free public WiFi services!!!
 photo IMG_0415.jpgWith this WiFi integrated mobile plan, Singtel Combo plan subscribers like myself will automatically be connected to the Singtel premium WiFi network whenever a hotspot is detected, this will totally help to off-set our local data usage because as long as we are connected to WiFi, we won't be "eating" into our local data usage! YAY! From now till 31 July 2015, we can enjoy unlimited WiFi usage and subsequently, all combo plans will come with 2GB of WiFi data allowance.
Here is an overview of Singtel's combo plans:
 photo plans.jpg
The Combo plans will replace SingTel’s existing plans for customers who renew their contracts or subscribe to new lines. 

If you realize, the Combo plans now offers better value for money compared to the previous plans with more talk time and local SMS every month and on top of that, WiFi usage are included for Combo 2 and above plans! Now that i mentioned so much about the WiFi integrated plans, i think what most of you are most interested in would be where are the hot spots right! Since launched, the coverage is available at more than 100 hotspots at 11 locations which includes popular shopping malls such as Raffles City, Plaza Singapura, Junction 8, Funan IT Mall, Bugis+, The Atrium and Changi City Point. Soon, you guys can expect all CapitaMall shopping centres to have Singtel WiFi coverage as well! YAY
 photo IMG_0574.jpg
Currently there is WiFi coverage at Orchard, City Hall and Raffles Place MRT station too!

The service will be progressively rolled out to 16 MRT stations on the North-East Line, as well as eight other stations with high commuter traffic over the next nine months. By March 2015, there will be approximately 1,000 hotspots at more than 100 locations across the island. If you are interested to see the whole list of places with Singtel's Premium WiFi coverage, you can checkout this LINK over here! If you are already a Combo plan user, do give the free WiFi a try! 
 photo IMG_0417.jpg
Just turn on your WiFi at one of the hotspots and see what it does. *wink

Now that you know about Singtel's Combo Plan, here's a chance for you guys to win an additional 2GB of local data per month for a period of 12 months (worth $256.80)! All you have to do is fill in the form below with your details as well as tell me in less than 100 words how you intend to use the extra outgoing 100 mins talk time and unlimited data usage with Singtel WIFI to connect more with friends and your loved ones! Just as simple as that! Additional 2GB/ month leh!!!

I will be choosing the answer with the most interesting/ inspiring answer and will be contacting the winner via email! I think the chances of winning should be quite high since i'll only be choosing among the entries submitted on my blog. The other bloggers will be choosing a winner from their own blog submission too! Deadline: 2359H, 19th October 2014!!

Good luck!