Monday, December 31, 2007

Featured Article: You read them?

Featured Article: Top #5 Blogs i REad.
#1 : - Need not say much about her. After winning Best ASian Blog in the 2004 WEBLOG AWARDS, her blog becomes famous. All blogger should have heard about her and at least visited her blog once. She has an average of 20,000 viewers a day! It's like OMg. 20,000? When we have 30 viewers a day, we are already amazed. 20,000?! Can you imagine 20,000 people visiting your blog aday? *No wonder sometimes her site is laggy* Does a lot of PhotoShop-ping on her photos. and she has her own "Mini" TV show at is the latest one - Ep9. her shows are so funny.Her blog is one interesting blog to read, however i feel that she update too little nowadays. It's like "With 20,000people visiting your blog everyday, shouldn't you update more often?!" I like this post the best. Top #7 MOST DISGUSTING BLOGGER -
She gets 5/5 Stars ! (Blogger Queen, must respect... )

#2: - The miracle Season? Better Know as Ice Angel. Real name - Ester Chia. Also need not say much about her. Everytime we log in into SGfriends, the first thing - BEST of BLOG - 1st - The-Miracle-Season.She's from Republic Poly. Same School as me. She updates more Often than XiaXue.(At Republic Poly, we faced the laptop everyday for 7 hours, nothing to do? Blog...) Ranked 1st for Best of Blog for 11th months,( going to 12 months). Not sure how many viewers goes into her blog everyday cos there isn't a blogCounter.(ACtually there is, but no numbers leh...) She has 8535 Votes until now, since jan07, which also means an average of 23 votes a day. (Wow, i only get 1 or 2 a day...) To me, her blog seems like any other blog, except for the striking pink that welcomed me into her blog, what made her blog so famous??? I asked her before...The reply was " Dunno, i started making blogskins then famous de" Also has the ability to Photoshop well,if u ask me if her photoshop-ed photos look like her real self, i would answer, " you have to judge it yourself :) "
She gets 4/5 Stars !

#3: - Jayden or jayleif? When you enter his blog, the first thing that greets you is the CoOlest flash you have ever seen. (Seen better? PM me, thx, cos i am amazed by his banner) To date, he has 262877 views, i dunno starting from when, but that's consider a lot. (i only have 9510 since july...) This guy has amazing PhotoShop Skills. ohh, he's from laselle? Wow. Art School. No wonder...Interesting posts with cool PhotoShopping. Update once in a while also...Update more!! His entry for the the Nuffnang MotoQ is so Freakin' Cool - There are 2 parts. I hope he wins...When will the result be released? Super Photoshopping, you can even see the Tuzki's shadows! something that i will forget everytime i photoshop - Shadows.I am still so Amazed by his banner, i can replay and replay it without getting bored.
He get 5/5 stars ! (SORRy. i just Love his photoshop skills.) can teach me?
#4: - Typical Ben? or not so Typical with so many people viewing your blog? 252571 views since jan 2007. Let me count... 252571/12months = 21047.583 Views a month?! 701 views a day?! OMg, another one... my Miserable 70 views a day...This Blog is introduced to me by my classmate who loves reading his blog. Blog about his life and funny things. One of his most interesting post - Abit gross but funny lah...Has an average of 3 to 4 post a week. Should be...I guess...never really go count. Also can Photoshop well. He's from NP? Product Design & Innovation somemore, wah, designer in making.
He gets 4/5 Stars !
#5: - AndyStorm?! Who the hell is he? is that your first reaction? haha, after reviewing the top bloggers, it's time to review mine. Does he really care what you say? what a blog address. The previous URL was whatyoumeanbythat.blogspot...Erm...Not very friendly har...No la,it's just that i can't think of any blog address LOL. When you first enter the blog, the first thing you might notice is that the blogskin. "How come so Classic de?" but look properly, it's 3 column...I blog about my life in Republic Poly, same poly as IceAngel...Facing the laptop, 5 days a week, 7 hours each time, Wireless throughout the campus, of course we got so much time to blog la. I do reviews on places, food, Movies and any interesting things that happen in my life.Currently ranked #8 for Best youth Blog at SG friends...More photos, Less words. Featured in SGfriends for article - Becoming the Next Top Blogger? He gets 3/5 Stars !
That's 5 Blogs that i read. Hope you enjoyed reading my review.
Visit, comment and vote @

Sunday, December 30, 2007

This Shirt call what ar?

Always wanted to buy this shirt/or this kind of shirt.
Went to bugis look for it - $42.90
Went to Far East look for it - $56.90
How to get it for FREE?
Tip #1: Tell your Parents about it.
(~Tell the one that always go shopping...)
Tip #2: Give a through description, best if got picture.
(Say how nice the shirt is, and everyone's wearin' it)
Tip #3: Mention the price and complain how expensive it is.
(Say you want it very much but cannot afford...)
DOEs the tips work for you?
My Mum came back from Bugis and bought this for me.WhoOts :)
What so Special about this shirt?
I dun noe how to explain, maybe u see the pics then u'll understand.Photobucket
There is short sleeve and long sleeve de, mine is Short.Photobucket
Like the "Military" kind of shirt.
These are the 2 REasons why i like this Shirt :)
Anyone noe of any place sells this kind of shirt cheaper?
Cos i wanna get more...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Green Screen

Hey,I Was looking around famous blogger, Xia Xue's Blog
Check This Out!

See what you can do with a Green Screen.
(P.s: I was Laughing out LOud with she was "Flying"!!!)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

[Featured Blogger]

Morning i woke up, Nothing to do.
So decided to Surf the Net.
Guess what?The article that i sent into SGfriends has been posted!
If you are interested, you can click on the icon above :)
Alright, i need to REwind to 24th of December.
24th of DEcember is my 婆婆 birthday.
Every year we celebrate at some restaurant.
This time it's...
Qian Xi Restaurant! i think it's the 2nd time i went there...
Had a Mini Gift Exchange before dinner start...
Tried to take some photos with all my cousins but...Photobucket
Failed Attempt no.1
Failed Attempt no.2
You wouldn't want to see the rest...
The Food there is okay...
The waiter showing off his "Pro-ness"
His vest looks like mine, lucky no one notice :)
Shark Fin!!! *slurps*
At least a decent Photo to end this post :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

*Merry Christmas*

Today is 25th of December!
Merry Christmas to all my Friends, Family and to YOU :)
Woke up at bout 10 plus, on-ed my phone and guess what?Photobucket
25 SMSes of christmas Greetings! Thanks :)
Yesterday was another Christmas Celebration i had...
this time with the SaintJohn people i have not met for a long long time!!!Photobucket
❤That's 2 of my good friends❤
The Gift Exchange is the most Unique out of the other gift exchange.
Normally we pick numbers, this time, we pick poker cards.
And find the other half. So special!
I got 2 Presents in the gift exchange, so Surprise!
ME, Harianto and Aloysius.
(P.s: Aloysius's gift is on his head)
Went home at about 11 plus 12mn...
There is so much so catch up, so sharon me and serene walked home.
From tampines all the way to Pasir Ris.
Halfway, my Watch Beeped- it was 12mn.
We shaked each other hands and said...
I dun noe what happen but I CAN'T SEE MY SIDEBAR!!! CAN YOU???

Sunday, December 23, 2007

*Post-Christmas Celebration*

Post Christmas Celebration!
Wen out with Rinn, HuiXin, and Manda.
Peggy got Work, Xiao di got Chicken Pox :(
CamWhore on the MRT :)
Trying to take a photo with Peggy, den STUPID hui xin "snatch Camera"
When to Orchard...Far East...
Den when to Cineleisure to catch...
Alvin & the Chipmunks :)
The story is about a music group of chipmunks comprised of mischievous group leader Alvin, the tall and quiet Simon and chubby,impressionable Theodore.The three chipmunk brothers are adopted by a songwriter named Dave. They are so Freakin' Cute!!!
Theodore is the cutest :)
Alvin & the Chipmunks is the "Viewer's Choice"
It's also OUR choice.
Therefore i'm giving it....*DrumRoll*
5 Popcorns - Must watch for this Christmas!
I must carry these two plastic Bag wherever i go :(
Wisma Atrium: Walk and Walk until Tired.
Self Portait while waiting for the train...
My phone is so Freakin' Clear!!!
*Stupid Plastic Bags*
Back to Pasir Ris - Sushi store :)
10.30pm: It's Party Time!!! *WhoOts*
Food, FoOd. Yummy *slurps*
"Nurul, Hungry?"
Gift Exchange!!!
I shall End my Super Long Post with...
2 Cardigans...One i just bought, one from Hui Xin.
Thanks :)
*3 more Days to Christmas*

Friday, December 21, 2007

New Phone!

My dad got a New Phone!!!
It's the latest Nokia 6500.
I was Exploring it's function and guess what?
I can view my blog on his phone!
I wonder if my dad knows how to use the internet function...
Cos i hope he sees this...
Maybe i should teach him how to use...
*Compared to my SE W810i, i still think mine is better*

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What title to put?

Alright, Internet is Better today.
19th December Supposed to be the Class BBQ...
But was Postponed cos can't get the food on time.
So Went to Update my Passport with My mum and Sis.
Reached the Place at bout 3.30pm, got the queue no - 7288Photobucket
Look at time! Finally my turn. 4.14pm...
Headed to Bugis after that. Shopped around.
Bought the Cardigan i always wanted.
My mum bought a dress and wanted to be part of the photo =.=Photobucket
Took Photos of Bugis Village.At night, it comes to live!
Had Dinner @ the "Newly" opened Food junction @ Lv.3.
The seat is so Comfy, the enviroment is Cooler than other FoodCourt.
Saw this Prata cone thingy, looks interesting...
Decided to have it for Dessert.
It's called a "Chocolate Magma" =.=
An "Unglam" shot by my Mum. Sucking the Chocolate from my hand.Photobucket
There's me signing off. Early wishing from me :)

Rules, maybe?

My Internet is Freakin' Slow.
I can't load any photos.
Both Blogger and PhotoBucket are taking AGES.
So i think i have to blog about today tomorrow.
I think i must start implementing Rules in my blog.
Sumtink like:
Rule #1: If u dun like me/my blog, why are you here at the first place?
(Are you lost?)
Click the RED button at the top right hand corner :)
Rule #2: When commenting, Use a name at least...
People with no name are poor things :(
*I must start buying my christmas presents!!!*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to comment?

[You have just received a Msg from ANdyStorm]
Re: Comments.
With an average of 65 people visiting my blog everyday.
There ought to be some that wish to comment on what i write.
But they need to log in to blogger to comment.
Now, There's a solution, NO more Logging in!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Go to the bottom of the Post and click "0 comments"
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
There will be a Pop-Out.
Type your comment, then Choose OpenID.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Leave your link if you want me to view your blog.
That's all :) No need to sign in or whatever.
*Moderation is on, so i must approve then it will be shown*

Monday, December 17, 2007

They're Back!

My Parents Are Back from Batam!!!
(And they are complaining...)
I slept at 2am last nite. After online till 1 plus, i played My DS till 2 den fell asleep.
When my parents put down their luggage and everything,
They handed me this Plastic Bag.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I was like"OMg, Omg...izzit the Big pony tee that i always wanted..."
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is the one i always wanted. 50+ Bucks in S'pore.
I was Hoping for it, then...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I got this instead =.=
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Authentic Ralph Lauren tee. (Better than nothing)
It cost 229,000 Rupia!
Convert to S'pore Dollars is 37 Bucks.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My dad gave me $20,000! ( S'pore $3 =.=''' )
My parents was like complaining about the hotel, the food, the everything there.
I was laughing out loud when they talk about the curency there.
Breakfast - $177,000.
(Nasi Lemak + Some kueh + Iced milo + Kopi)
Taxi - $50,000
(10 mins ride)
A Small piece of kueh cost $21,000!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
LOL!! I am a Millionaire there :)